Activities in Enoshima and Kamakura

Inside of Enoshima Iwaya Caves.
There are a few, but not many, attractions on and around Enoshima Island and Kamakura. This page introduces those tourist facilities and transportation that is like an attractions other than Enoden Line trains.

Activities in and around Enoshima, Kamakura

Enoshima Island Spa

Outside view of Enoshima Island Spa
The outstanding rare and large western-style building standing the entrance of Enoshima Island has a state-approved natural hot-spring resort, a treatment spa inspired by the legend of the beautiful goddess and the dragon god, a massage clinic, restaurants and more.
The Enoshima Island Spa is known as a hot spring resort that can heal the mind and body in a wonderful landscape.

Guide & experience report of Enoshima Island Spa

Samuel Coking Garden & Sea Candle tower

Sea Candle tower and the entrance of Samuel Cocking Garden
One of the island's landmarks, with a modern tower that stands out in the garden. A place that seems to have been newly created in recent years, but the history of the garden begins with a European mansion more than 100 years ago.
It is also a venue for many events and illuminations held on the island, and is a center of island tourism.

Guide of Sea Candle tower and Samuel Cocking Garden

Enoshima Iwaya Caves

The entrance of Enoshima Iwaya Caves.
A place where a part of a cave that was the origin of the island's history has been renovated and turned into an attraction.
You can see stone statues carved by a number of Buddhist monks who practiced spiritually in the cave, and exhibits based on the legend of the island.

Guide of Enoshima Iwaya Caves

Enoshima Aquarium

Enoshima Aquarium building and Mt. Fuji
Opened in 1954, it is the first modern aquarium in Japan.
Since its current building in 2004, it has become famous for its beautiful jellyfish exhibits and has appeared as a stage for dramas, movies and animations, and is visited by many tourists every day.

Guide of Enoshima Aquarium is coming soon.

Shonan Monorail

A Shonan Monorail train down the slope.
Although it is a monorail connecting Ofuna and Shonan-Enoshima, it runs at one of the highest speed monorail in Japan at 75 km / h, despite the many undulations and curves that over the mountain on the way, so it is known as the "Shonan roller coaster".

Guide of Shonan Monorail is coming soon.

Bentenmaru ferry boat

Bentenmaru ferry boat and Mt. Fuji
When you are on the island, you will sometimes see small ferry boats coming and going. This "Bentenmaru" ferry boat connects the landside of Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge and Chigogafuchi Abyss on the westend of the island, which takes over 40 minutes to walk, in just 10 minutes.

For more information about the ferry boat.
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