Upcoming events and festivals information

Here we guide for the events, festivals, seasonal flowers and more for this month and next month. If you have a plan to visit the area, don't miss it!

September 12 (Wed.)

@ Ryukoji Temple

Tatsunokuchi Honan-e Festival [龍ノ口御法難会]
For belivers of Nichiren-Sect, one of major Buddhist sects in Japan, September 12 is a special memorial day. It is said that a miracle that the founder Nichiren had survived just before execution is said to have occurred.
This Buddhist celemony and festival "Tatsunokuchi Honan-e" that celebrate the miracle is held in the place where it occurred.
The main celemony and festival will be held from 18:00(6:00pm) of September 12. The ceremony is held at the main hall. Then, "Botamochi" rice cake will be spread for the worshipers. Dance and music exhibition by believers will start around 19:00.

September 18 (Tue.)

@ Goryo Jinja Shrine

Menkake Gyoretsu parade [面掛行列]
In a quiet shrine at the foot of the mountain in the outskirts of Hase town, there are ten masks of strange expressions that are transmitted from old days.
Once a year only at this festival, people wearing these masks parade the streets. The parade departs from the shrine around 14:40 and marchs around the road.
Why do not you join this parade, which is known as one of the strangest festivals in Kamakura city?

October 20 (Sat.)

@ Katase Nishihama Beach

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Display
A fireworks display [ふじさわ江の島花火大会] event will be held on October 20(Sat) at Katase Nishihama Beach.
3,000 fireworks will be set off from 18:00 (6:00 PM) in the sea just opposite of Enoshima Aquarium.
In recent years, this event is really crowded, so traffic regulations are carried out in the following listed places (from 16:00 to 21:00, expected).
  • Enoshima Station (Enoden Line)
  • Katase Enoshima Station (Odakyu Line)
  • Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge
  • Katase Nishihama Beach [main viewing spot]
  • Koshigoe Station (Enoden Line)
  • Fujisawa Station (Odakyu Line and Enoden Line)
We recommend that you come to the seaside around 16:00.

October 22 (Mon.) - Nobember 04 (Sun.)

@ Samuel Cocking Garden

Shonan Candle autumn illumination event [湘南キャンドル]
More than 6,500 candles lit-up the autumn night of the botanical garden on the top of Enoshima Island.
Compared to other illumination events held on the island, it is still not known so much so you can watch it in a calm atmosphere.
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