Upcoming events and festivals information

Here we guide for the events, festivals, seasonal flowers and more for this month and next month. If you have a plan to visit the area, don't miss it!

Mid of October - Mid of Nobember

@ Kamakura Museum of Literature

2nd blooming season of the Roses
At Kamakura Museum of Literature, a popular rose flowers viewing spot in Enoshima and Kamakura area, roses will be in full bloom during the period.
The old Western-style building which was a luxurious villa and the flowers of the blooming rose are one of the popular scenery of this area.

End of Nobember - Mid of December (expected)

@ Temples and shrines in Enoshima and Kamakura

Autumn Colors
The season of autumn colors began in Japan already. In Enoshima and Kamakura area, it is not so much in the island, but there are many famous temples and shrines to see autumn colors in Kamakura.
In the area, it is in the full bloom from the mid of November usually. But due to of lack of sunshine and high temparture, it is expected to be late for the end of November, current forecast.

An special night admission and light-up exhibition of the garden will be held in Hasedera Temple From November 23 to December 09. During the period, last admission is extended to 18:00 on weekdays and 18:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

November 23 (Fri.) - February 17,2019 (Sun.)

@ in and around Enoshima Island

Shonan no Hoseki winter illumination [湘南の宝石]
An award winning and popular winter illumination event "Shonan no Hoseki" (means Jewel of Shonan) is held from Nov.23 to Feb.17, 2019.
It is one of the biggest winter illumination event around Tokyo area, and lit up most of major spots in the island such as Sea Candle observation lighthouse, Samuel Cocking Garden, Kamegaoka Square, Nakatsumiya Square, Ryuren no Kane (Lover's Hill) and inside of Iwaya Cave.
Some illuminations and decorations of Samuel Cocking Garden will be change from the beginning of February.
The illuminations also being held along Oiwayamichi way around the major spot of the island. The way of the light connects between Nakatsunomiya Square and Ryuren no Kane near Okutsunomiya Jinja Shrine.

During the same period, 4 Enoden Line stations (Enoshima, Kamakura Koko Mae, Hase and Kamakura) lit up from 16:30 to 22:00 every night.
The unique shrine-style building of Katase-Enoshima Station of Odakyu Line will be lit up the same period too.

Illuminations at Hase Station

Illuminations at Kamakura Koko Mae

Illuminations at Enoshima Station

Lit-up of Katase-Enoshima Station

Furthermore, 20,000 tulips will be bloom at Samuel Cocking Garden From the end of December to the end of January.
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