Lit-up the autumn-colored garden of Hasedera Temple

Illuminated autumn leaves and Hasedera Temple
From the middle of November, the leaves of trees turn red and yellow in Enoshima and Kamakura. However, there are very few places to enjoy autumn colors at night only at Hasedera Temple in Kamakura area.
At the end of November when the autumn colors are at its peak season in the area, the garden of Hasedera Temple is lighted-up and special night-time admission is held.

Usually, these places are closed at night. So, it is a great chance to see the rare night views even if the local people!

About the event

  • When: November 20 - December 12, Sunset - 18:30
  • Admission: Standard admission fee required
  • Last admission at 18:30 (6:30pm) / Closing time 19:00(7:00pm).
  • It might be cancelled in case of rain or stormy night.
  • The best time to see the autumn colors is from late November to mid-December.

The entrance and lower garden

Illuminated lower garden at dusk
Red large lantern illuminated at the gate of Hasedera Temple.A famous old temple as a flower sightseeing spot in Hase west of Kamakura City, Hasedera Temple will light up the garden and buildings only during the peak season of autumn colors.

When you go to the entrance of this old temple, a red large Chochin (traditional Japanese style lantern) like the one in Kaminari-mon gate in Asakusa (but it is much smaller than Asakusa's), illuminated at the main entrance gate of the temple and welcoming your visit.
Illuminated autumn colors garden at Hasedera TempleWhen entering the gate, you will see big maple trees (Momiji in Japanese) colored vividly red.
The trees of Momiji surrounding around the pond and dyed red are, of course, wonderful. But opening time is very limited and you can go here again on the way back, it is better to go to the upper precincts first.
On the way to upper precincts, there is some Buddha statue, that seems to be buried with fallen autumn leaves, also lighted up here and there along the way.
Illuminated cute Buddha statue with autumn leaves Several autumn leaves illuminated with light

The upper precincts and garden

Illuminated upper garden of Hasedera Temple
Illuminated main hall building of Hasedera Temple In the upper precincts of Hasedera Temple, major buildings and autumn colored trees are illuminated.
During the illumination event period, all the halls are also open, so you can visit and see the famous wooden Kannon statue at night.
The most interesting place in the upper precincts is around the "Kyo-zo Hall" (経蔵) building. Because there are many maple trees around here. Contrasting the monotone color of the buildings of old temple with the vivid red and yellow colored trees is a symbolic sight of the autumn of Kamakura.
Red and yellow colored autumn leaves Buddha statues and autumn colored maple trees
Illuminated bamboo forest in Hasedera Temple Bamboo forest in the back of Kyo-zo Hall building is also illuminated during the event.
The famous bamboo temple in Kamakura is Hokokuji Temple (報国寺), but there is no night admission. So, it is a sight that can be seen only here in Kamakura.

Autumn colored mountain path

Overview of illuminated upper garden of Hasedera Temple
Hasedera Temple's famous "Mountain path of Hydrangea" also turns into "Mountain path of Autumn Colors" in this season.
Illuminated entrance of Mountain path of Autumn Colors Night view from the mountain path
You can look down the beautiful autumn colored illuminated garden from the path.
Here is a recommended place because it is not crowded at night. However, please be careful with your step as it is dark and the stairs are steep.

Back to the lower garden

Illuminated autumn colored trees at the lower garden of Hasedera Temple
When you go down the stone stairs you will return to the lower garden where you can see the most beautiful autumn leaves in the precincts of Hasedera Temple.
Maple leaves are completely red Beautiful autumn colors trees surrounding a pond
The leaves of big old maple trees planted around the pond are dyed red, orange and yellow and illuminated by the darkness of the night is really wonderful sight.
It is hard to express by words, so please visit here and see it!
In several hall buildings, modest lighting is lit inside, the figure of the statue can be seen or the beautiful pattern will be displayed in a round shaped window.
Illuminated round shaped window Red and yellow colored maple trees near the cave
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