Candle's soft light illuminates autumn night of Enoshima

Shonan Candle autumn illumination event in Enoshima.
From the end of October to the beginning of November, more than 6,500 candles illuminate Samuel Cocking Garden on the top of Enoshima Island.
"Shonan Candle" autumn illumination is held for the last event of "Eno fes" a series of various autumn events held for about 2 months in Enoshima Island.
This event is not as known as the illumination event of other seasons, so you can enjoy and look around slowly because there are relatively few visitors.

About the event

  • When: October 23 - November 7 2021, 17:00-20:00 (-21:00 on weekend)
  • Where: Samuel Cocking Garden on the top of Enoshima Island
  • Admission: Required to enter for Samuel Cocking Garden
  • *Event may be canceled in bad weather such as rain or strong wind.

Around the entrance

Numerous candles make the patterns in the night dark.
In the entrance of the garden, candles put in numerous colorful bottles are lined up on the ground and make beautiful patterns emerge in the darkness of the night.
Also in the rose garden, white candles are placed in some places and faintly illuminate the rose flowers that are in the flowering season.
Candles put in small colorful bottles. Candles are lined up on the ground.
Candles are lit-up the rose garden and flowers. Candles make beautiful patterns.

Along the path

Lamp and small bottles illuminated the driftwoods.
Along the path inside the garden, various shells and driftwoods collected in the nearby sea are lined up and illuminated by the light of the candle.
Some candles put in larger lamps in the area.
Shells and candles. A lamp and a shell in the night dark.

Into the woods

Candles placed between the woods.
Candles are also lined up among the trees in the tropical botanical garden creating a different atmosphere from usual times.

Around Sea Candle

Illuminated glass lanterns and Sea Candle tower
Numerous small bottles with candles are also lined up at the foot and around the Sea Candle observation tower to produce a collaboration of light only during the event.
Various colors candles and single color of candles are placed for each square, and the surroundings of the tower are colored with soft light.
Colorful candles are lined up around the tower. A lot of candles colored the square in gold.
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