Fireworks coloring Enoshima's autumn sky

Fireworks display on Fujisawa Enoshima Hanabi Taikai.
In Japan, fireworks [花火(hanabi)] is a popular summer event from old days. In particular, as of almost every night in July and August, fireworks display will be held in various parts of Japan.
Usually, the fireworks display is performed in summer, but it is held on the middle of autumn evening in Enoshima.

In this Fujisawa-Enoshima Hanabi Taikai [藤沢江の島花火大会] fireworks display event, 3,000 fireworks are set off within 45 minutes from 18:00 at Katase Nishihama Beach.
You can see it at the beach and around for free.
Of course it is possible to see from other place such as Koshigoe, Inamuragasaki, Shichirigahama and inside of Enoshima.

About the event

  • When: On Saturday of the middle of October, 18:00-18:45
  • Where: Katase Nishihama Beach
  • Admission: Free
  • *In case of rain, strong wind or high waves, it is postpone on next Sunday.

In the beginning

The venue of the fireworks display event.
If you plan to come and see this fireworks display event, You'd better to arrive at any station in Enoshima area before 17:00. Because the audiences increase rapidly for these several years, it is take a long time to transfer or wait for a train in Fujisawa and Kamakura Station.
And as a part of crowd control, traffic and road around the island is regulated several hours before and after the event. So it is hard to go to the island in the afternoon of the day.

Do you Know how many types of fireworks?

An fireworks.
In Japan, there is the form of 8 types of basic fireworks.
Kiku type fireworks.Kiku [菊] (Chrysanthemum)

Kiku is one of the typical and basic type of Japanese fireworks.
The characteristic of Kiku that a ray of the light spreads in a circle and a color changes.
Botan tye fireworks.Botan [牡丹] (Peony)

Botan is another one of the typical and basic type of Japanese fireworks.
As for the difference with Kiku, a ray of light does not spread and it's color does not change too.
Star Mine type fireworks.Star Mine [スターマイン]

The Star Mine set off many fireworks in a short time and it is very popular because of colorful and brilliant.
Kowari type fireworks.Kowari [小割]

Kowari is plural small fireworks are in the big fireworks. Depending on small fireworks to put inside, it is able to various presentation.
Yanagi type fireworks.Yanagi [柳] (Willow)

Yanagi is the state that a ray of light hangs down for long resembles a willow tree.
Oyanagi type fireworks.Oyanagi [大柳] (Big willow)

The large sized Yanagi type fireworks is specially called as Oyanagi.
In case of Enoshima, it is set off the last of the display. As for the altitude of the fireworks is more than 700 meters high, the diameter reaches nearly 500 meters.
Dosei type fireworks.Dosei [土星] (Saturn)

This type of fireworks has various form, not to be particular about a traditional circle form. In recent years, new form and shape of fireworks comes up every year.
Another Dosei type of fireworks. Dosei type fireworks is not only circle form.
Yashi type fireworks.Yashi [椰子] (Palm tree)

Yashi is a fireworks that the form like a palm tree, and it becomes very colorful in recent years.
Yashi type fireworks becomes very colorful. Another Yashi type of fireworks.

From Katase Nishihama Beach

An fireworks seen from Katase Nishihama Beach.
Here is the best place where just in front of the fireworks. A place to set off fireworks is in the sea of around 500 meters of offings of Enoshima Aquarium building.

At this place, you can enjoy the powerful scenes especially fireworks to set off on the sea to side. But it is too near, you have to look up a little during all the time of the display.
Here is the nearest viewing area from the setting off point. You can see these fireworks very in front.
You can see powerful fireworks from near. The fireworks of the strange form will be easy to know this place, too

From Koshigoe Fisherman's Port

Fireworks seeing from Koshigoe.
The port is located in little away to the east from the setting off point. However, there is a embankment that facing to the west and it is a good spot to see fireworks from the top of the embankment.
Though here is relatively close to Enoshima Island, but it is not so crowded very much. Because so, you can see and enjoy the fireworks while be relaxed.
It is able to see the fireworks and Enoshima together. Here is easy to see if the big fireworks set off.
The reflection on the water of fireworks is seen, too. Beautiful star mine fireworks with Enoshima.

From Inamuragasaki Cape

Seeing star mine fireworks and Enoshima in Inamuragasaki Cape.
Fireworks seeing from InamuragasakiIt is slightly far away from Enoshima Island, it is possible to see the fireworks from Inamuragasaki, a popular viewing spot of sunset.
Here is an interesting place if you take photo of the fireworks, but we do not recommend here if you want see it by your eye. Because it is too far.
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