A exciting god's homecoming journey from Enoshima

Mikoshi portable shrine cross the bridge.
Tennosai [天王祭] to be held in the mid of July is the most traditional, exciting and the large-scale festival in and around Enoshima.
It is a festival of Yasaka Jinja shrine [八坂神社], that is in precincts of Hetsunomiya main shrine of Enoshima Jinja Shrines and is held over 5 days in July.

The origin of the festival is a fisherman lived in Enoshima Island picks up a statue of Susanoo no Mikoto [須佐之男命] in the sea and enshrined in the island. The statue was lost from the Koyurugi Jinja shrine [小動神社] in Koshigoe opposite of Enoshima Island, that was sank into the sea in high waves.

The main events of Tennosai consists of "Yoimiya" [宵宮] evening festival that held the night before main festival and "Shinkosai" [神幸祭] main festival that Mikoshi portable shrine travels between Enoshima Island and opposite land side town Koshigoe.

In this page, we'll guide you "Shinkosai" main festival of this Tennosai festival in timeline.

Tennosai main festival guide and timeline

When: 2nd Sunday of July

Where: Yasaka Jinja(in precinct of Enoshima Jinja Shrine), Nakamise Street, Higashimachi, Katase Town, Koshigoe Shopping Street, Koyurugi Jinja Shrine

Admission: Not required

Shinkosai [神幸祭] is a main festival of Tennosai that held through the day.
The god of Yasaka Jinja shrine in Enoshima Island visit and meet the current god of Koyurugi Jinja shrine in Koshigoe.

9:30 at Hetsunomiya main shrine

Opening ceremony is held in Hetsumiya main shrine.
The opening ritual is held in front of Hetsunomiya main shrine building in Enoshima Island.
After the ritual, the Mikoshi of Yasaka Jinja shrine carried by people and other procession go down stairs to Red Torii gate in the end of Nakamise Street.

Around 10:00 in Nakamise Street slope

Mikoshi portable shrine down the slope.
Around 10:00 The Mikoshi and procession of Yasaka Jinja led by Chochin lanterns departs the shrine and down Nakamise Street the main street of Enoshima Island.
The narrow street is fulled with participant of the festival, residents and tourists, when the procession passes.
Procession of Yasaka Jinja shrine goes down the slope. The passage of Mikoshi is the peak of the event in the street.
The slope is fulled with people. Mikoshi finished down the slope.

Around 10:40 near Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge

People bow to the mikoshi during the ceremony.
The mikoshi enter into the sea after the ceremony.When the Mikoshi and procession arrived in front of Green bronze Torii gate near Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge, it has a ceremony and remove a part of decorations of Mikoshi to preparation for enter the sea.

Around 11:30, Mikoshi carried by people and walk into the sea for a while. Then, Mikoshi goes to Higashimachi and has a break for lunch and take a rest.

Around 12:15 at the alley in Higashimachi

A ceremony is held before the parade.
Preparation work for the parade.During the break time, some people attach the decorations of Mikoshi that removed before enter the sea and the preparation for the parade in the afternoon is in progress.

When the preparation work is finished, it has a small ceremony before the parade.

13:00 at Koshigoe Shopping Street

Traditional wooden festival floats are line on the road.
At Koshigoe Shopping Street near Ryukoji Temple, Mikoshi of Koyurugi Jinja is stayed and wait for arrival of the mikoshi of Yasaka Jinja Shrine from Enoshima Island.
There are some Dashi [山車] wooden floats also parked on the road near here. It is possible to see interesting views of Enoden train passing aside of these floats and mikoshi.

Some big floats puts statues on the top that is models the following people and god.
  • Susanoo no Mikoto [須佐之男命] - one of the god of Shinto.
  • Minamoto no Yoritomo [源頼朝] - the founder and first Shogun of Kamakura Shogunate.
  • Gosho Goromaru [御所五郎丸] - the samurai of Minamoto no Yoritomo's retainer.
  • Minamoto no Yoshiie (a.k.a. Hachiman Taro Yoshiie) [源義家 (八幡太郎義家)] - a ancestor of Minamoto no Yoritomo.
  • Kamakura Gengoro Kagemasa [鎌倉権五郎景正] - a local samurai
A mikoshi is placed on the road during rest time, Enoden train passing aside of old festival float.
A Enoden train passes aside of the float that statues looks down from the top. Statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo and Gosho Goromaru.
Statue of Susanoo no Mikoto. Statue of Minamoto no Yoshiie and Kamakura Gengoro Kagemasa.

Around 13:40 in front of Enoshima Station

A mikoshi parade passing in front of Enoshima Station.
Mikoshi of Yasaka Jinja Shrine that was left the island around 13:00 is passing in front of Enoshima Station of Enoden Line.
Probably, one of the hardest worker in the festival. (See his feet!) Miko (servant lady in the shrine) lead the mikoshi parade.

14:00 in front of Ryukoji Temple

A Enoden train which goes through the center of the crowd.
Around 14:00, Mikoshi procession of Yasaka Jinja Shrine arrive at Ryukoji Temple.
These Mikoshi and processions joins here and parades together to Koyurugi Jinja shrine in Koshigoe Town the westend of Kamakura.
Anyone can participate and follow the parade, there are so many people after festival procession and goes to the shrine.
Both mikoshi parade get together in front of Ryukoji Temple. When a train has passed, many people take photos of this rare scene.
The prosession of the parade re-formed immediately. The parade restart to go forward.

14:30 at Koshigoe Shopping Street

In the midst of the mikoshi parade.
The mikoshi parade goes through Koshigoe Shopping Street to the east while taking the break in the midway point of the street.
Enoden Line suspends train operation temporarily till the parade passes the street. Because of the street is totally overflowed with the people and there isn't any space to run a train!
The street is overflowed with the people. Mikoshi parade passed aside of Koshigoe Station.

Around 15:00 near Koyurugi Jinja Shrine

The arrival of Mikoshi parade in front of Koyurugi Jinja Shrine.
The mikoshi parade passing Koshigoe Town.About 15:00, Enoden train resume its service immediately as soon as the Mikoshi parade passed Koshigoe Station.
The festival processions continued parades to Koyurugi Jinja shrine and attend at the religious ritual there.
In front of Koyurugi Jinja Shrine, the destination of the parade. Mikoshi and participants of the parade are take rest during the religious ritual at the shrine.

Around 15:30 in Koshigoe Shopping Street

Old Enoden train and traditional floats.
It is in the rest time in Koshigoe Shopping Street when the about the same time.
You have a chance to see the rare scenes like the last century, such as an old train passing a very aside of Dashi floats and statues used for the festival, until the Mikoshi parade returns here around 16:00.
The scene seems like the last century of Japan. The old float and newest train of Enoden.

Around 16:30 at Koshigoe Shopping Street

The parade separates again in front of Ryukoji Temple.
Sarutahiko Okami God wearing a mask of Tengu is participates in the procession.Religious ritual at Koyurugi Jinja Shrine is over 16:00 and the festival procession starts a return trip to the home island.
Koshigoe Shopping Street is filled with people again, and Enoden train halt its service too.
When the procession comes in front of Ryukoji Temple, it is divided into two with largely scrolling and return to the direction where each came from.
A color and design of Kimono is different by the district. The street is overflowed with the people again.

Around 17:30 at Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge

The mikoshi parade goes back to Enoshima Island.
About half past 17, when the sun dropping toward the west and the sky begins a tinge of red, the Mikoshi parade cross the bridge and back to Enoshima Island.
When it arrive at the front of the Green bronze Torii gate, Mikoshi carriers are change to residents of Enoshima Island only.
The bridge is fulled with people. Welcome back to Enoshima!

17:50 at Nakamise Street in Enoshima

Arrival celemony is held in front Nakamise Street.
About 18:00, Mikoshi carried by residents and climbs the slope of Nakamise Street to go back to the shrine.
In the end, a ceremony of the arrival is held there. A series of events of Shinkosai festival and the longest and most excited day of Enoshima Island is finished.
The last sector of the long trip. Mikoshi parade arrive soon to the home shrine.
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