Light and art objects are colored Enoshima's winter night

Illuminated Sea Candle and globe of the metal framework.
In the middle of February, illuminations and decorations of Samuel Cocking Garden is renewed for the last week of "Shonan no Hoseki" illumination event.
This another aspect of beautiful winter light-up event in Enoshima Island "The finale of Shonan no Hoseki" (former Valentine Island Enoshima illumination) is held on only a week of mid-February night.

The characteristic of this event is the illuminations that uses reflections of the light by many mirrors, mirror balls and metal frameworks. So, we can enjoy an totally different atmosphere from the previous Shonan no Hoseki illumination event.
During the same period, the light-up of Sea Candle also changed to specially arranged colors.

About the event

  • When: February 20 - March 07 2021, 17:30-20:00 (5:30 pm-8:00 pm), until 21:00 (9:00 pm) on weekend.
  • Where: Samuel Cocking Garden (main venue), Kamegaoka Square, Nakatsumiya Square and Ryuren no Kane in Enoshima Island
  • Admission: Required to enter for Samuel Cocking Garden
  • *The illuminations of Samuel Cocking Garden is only changed, other places are remain same as Shonan no Hoseki winter illumination event.
  • *Exhibit contents may vary depends on year.

At the entrance

Illuminated art object placed at the entrance of Samuel Cocking Garden.
In the entrance of the garden, there is a mysterious art works such as metal framework and stained glass art object emitting the light or illuminated dead tree art objects that seems to strange is placed together with hundreds of tulip flowers.
An art object at the chinese style pavilion. Lit-up dead tree and mirror balls

At Rose Garden

An art object and Sea Candle at night.
Revolving globes of metal frameworks and a pyramid-like art object that there is a globe on the top, glittering in gold are displayed and illuminated at the rose garden.
An art object and globes of metal frameworks are displayed in the rose garden. Revolving metal frameworks globe.

Into the woods

Metal objects and mirror balls staging mysterious space between the woods.
A shining mirror ball and illuminated glass lanterns.At the corner of the garden, reflection of fiber cloth, mirror balls and lights creates mysterious space between the woods.

Some mirror balls are placed in the forest and illuminate its around mysteriously.
An art object in the forest. A mirror ball lit-up the forest.

Around Sea Candle

Illuminated garden and Sea Candle tower.
Lighting objects are displayed around the square near the Sea Candle tower. At the foot of Sea Candle lighthouse observation tower, metallic art objects shining to gold and silver is hung by a tree and brilliant while rustling in wind.

"The tunnel of the light" in the previous event is transformed to "The tunnel of the crystal" during the event.
The small Sea Candle objects placed as an photograph spot Metal art works swing in the wind
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