A exciting summer festival night of Enoshima

Enoden Train passing aside of Dashi festival float
Yoimiya [宵宮] is a general Japanese word that means a festival held on the eve of main festival.
In Tennosai, Shinkosai main festival is held on 2nd Sunday of July normally, so Yoimiya is held on the evening of 2nd Saturday of July.

Festival guide and timeline

  • There are 2 main venue, Koshigoe Town in Kamakura and inside of Enoshima Island.
  • "Machinagashi" dance by local ladies and "Dashi" (wooden festival float) parade are held at Koshigoe Shopping Street.
  • Both dance parade and float parade goes to Koyurugi Jinja Shrine to worship there.
  • "Ohayashi" (Japanese traditional festival music band) parade goes to Enoshima Jinja Shrine via Nakamise Street slope from Higashimachi in eastside of the island.
  • Ohayashi parade worship to Yasaka Jinja Shrine at specially enshrined at Red Torii gate of Enoshima Jinja Shrine during the festival period.

17:30 at the front of Red Torii gate in Enoshima

Mikoshi of Yasaka Jinja shrine placed in front of Zuishinmon tower gate.
Local children carries small size mikoshi and parade the street.In front of Red Torii gate of Enoshima Jinja Shrine (at the end of Nakamise Street slope), "Kodomo-mikoshi" (Mikoshi portable shrine carried by local children) goes down and up in crowded Nakamise Street.

18:00 in Koshigoe Shopping Street

Local ladeies wearing Kimono dance at the street in Koshigoe.
When a train approaching, the dance teams are give way to train."Machi-nagashi" Bon dance (hundreds of local ladies wearing a kimono dance in the street) begins in Koshigoe Shopping Street.
A color and design of Kimono uniform is different by the district of the town.
Enoden train continue running during the festival, when a train approaches the dancing ladies are give way and see off the train.
A color and design of Kimono is different by the district. Enoden train passing aside of the ladies while dancing.

19:30 in Koshigoe Shopping Street

Dashi festival float appearing on the street in Koshigoe.
After Machi-nagashi Bon dance time, "Dashi" (wooden festival float) that decorated with the illuminations, appearing on the street. These Dashi march to Koyurugi Jinja shrine while often spinning round on the way.
Because of Enoden train passes while on the festival, the scene that a Dashi often makes way is seen.
Dashi float spinning round in the alley. Enoden train passing aside of Dashi float.
The dashi float is able to spin. The people who jioin the festival seeing off a train.

20:00 at Nakamise Street in Enoshima

Team of Ohayashi music band goes to the shrine.
At Nakamise Street in Enoshima Island, Enoshima Hayashi (festival music band by residents) depart Higashimachi town and go up Nakamise Street slope slowly.
A tone of sorrow sounds of ohayashi through the night town.
The shrine stands the top of the town. Ohayashi music band team passing through a torii gate
Member of Ohayashi band wearing on Yukata. Another Ohayashi band team waiting on the slope.
Japanese dram (Taiko) band.
The people who join the festival visit the shrine. When the "Ohayashi" parade arrive at the end of Nakamise Street slope, worship to Yasaka Jinja Shrine.
Then they goes back to Higashimachi town and some people dance and play music until the late night.
Special shrine for the festival is stands in front of the gate.
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