Cut the moments of Enoshima and Kamakura

Lighthouses stands adound Enoshima.
In this page, we'll show you some rare sceneries of Enoshima and Kamakura that we could grasp because we are local. Including dense sea fog and heavy snow.
Fog photo gallery Fog
Sometimes in May, Jun, July and August, dense fog comes from the sea. The island and around town are totally whiteout.
Snow photo gallery Snow
Basically it is rarely snowfall in winter at this area. But it had incredibly heavy snow fall in few years ago. See the mega-rare shots!
A crow and wind surfingIn May, you have a chance to see the group of spikes of Imperata cylindrica (called as "Chigaya" in Japanese) rustle in the wind at Shonan Kaigan Koen beach park.
A crow and wind surfingFrom the end of March, some events related to the sea comes to be often held at Katase Higashihama on the weekend.

This crow might have some interest in wind surfing.
A cat watching fish prints.In the late afternoon on a hot summer day, the cats may be seen lying on the road to cool down its body at theold alley which wind passes.
This cat may be watching the fish-print and sleeping slightly.
Out of seasoned cherry blossom.Thanks to warm climate of the island, cherry blossom of the out season bloomed at Ryuren-no-Kane lovers hill on November.
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