Dense sea fog scenes of Enoshima and Kamakura

Sea fog hide away Enoshima Island.
From May to August, suddenly cold wind blows from the sea and it makes dense sea fog sometime even if it was a clear sky day. But the number of days when for occurs is decreasing in recent years.
Here shows some photos taken on such a day.

Katase Town

Sea fog covered the building near the seaside.Because of the dense sea fog, even the seaside tall buildings stands just in front is veiled.
Some lights of the island are able to see barely.When we go to the tip of the beach, It was able to find the lights of Higashimachi in Enoshima Island barely.
The fog covered the island almost completely.From the opposite of the bridge, it is possible to see the light of Nakamise street slightly.
However, it is unable to see the light of Sea Candle tower that is on the top of the island.
Partial thick fog flow from the sea.When we look at the direction of the sea, we can find a thick fog flows into the land sometimes.

Enoshima Island

Enoshima Island hidden in the fog.It is clearly visible Enoshima Island from this end of Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge usually. Hoever, it is unable to see the island totally today.
Fogged Enoshima Island from the bridge.Fogged Enoshima Island seeing from the end of the bridge.
Red torii gate lit up in the fog.Woods and red Torii gate of Enoshima Jinja Shrine lighted up in the fog creates a more sacred atmosphere.
The fog becomes slightly thinner.The fog becomes slightly thinner. Finally, Enoshima Island still got hazy but it came to be visible.

Katase-Enoshima Station

Shrine-like station building shows mysterious appearances in the fogThe unique red colored shrine-style building of Katase-Enoshima Station is veiled for fog and shows mysterious appearances.
Sea fog almost cover the station platform.The sea fog flow into the station and nearly whited out.
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