Rare heavy snow fall scenes in Enoshima and Kamakura

Enoden train runs in heavy snowstorm near Enoshima.
January and February is snowing season in nothern part of Japan such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku and Sanin region. In Enoshima and Kamakura area, we have very little snow only a few times a year, but it is extremely rare to snow covers the ground.
However in February 2014, we had incredibly heavy snow fall twice in a week. Here shows there rare scenes at that time.

Koshigoe Town in Kamakura

Heavy snow fall in Koshigoe StationAt Koshigoe Station of Enoden Line, the railroad is nearly covered with snow.
Departing in a heavy snow.A train departing Koshigoe Station in heavy snow. The road is covered with snow too.
Koshigoe Shopping Street in snow storm.A Enoden train slowly going through Koshigoe Shopping Street due to poor visibility by snowstorm.
Enoden's Type 300 train snowA rare sight of the oldest Enoden train Type 300 is partly covered with snow.
A train running in heavy snow fall.A train running under the sunshine usually is running under the heavy snowstorm today.
A train mist over by heavy snow at the street.For the heavy snow, visibility becomes bad to worse. It is hard to keep on-time operation.
A train passing in front of Ryukoji Temple in Heavy snow.A train runs carefully because of the railroad is unable to see and buried under the snow.

Katase Higashihama Beach

White out Katase Higashihama beach.The spray of snow covers Enoshima Island.
The beach is also covered with more than 20 centimeters snow on the ground and shows rare sight that turned white.
The island is veild by snow.Buildings in the entrance of the island area is veiled in snow.

Ryukoji Temple

Ryukoji Temple in snow.A rare sight of snow covered Ryukoji Temple.
Even an old temple with a long history of hundred years, how many times have it been covered with such heavy snow?
Snow covered precincts of Ryukoji Temple.The precincts of Ryukoji Temple becomes like an "Sumie" black-and-white paintings.
Embeded train and a snowmanA small snowman displayed infront of a shop embeded Enoden train.

Enoshima Station

Snow covered Enoshima Station.The famous dressed-up small birds in front of Enoshima Staton are buried in the snow.
Heavy snow buries a mailbox.A mailbox is buried in the snow too.
A person clears snow under the storm.A station staff clears the sidewalk of snow under the snowstorm. Thank you for the good job!
A train waiting for incoming train under the snowstorm.Train operation is still continued while snow falls more and more increasingly.
A fire placed under the railroad.To prevent freeze of railway, there is a fire under the railroad to heat it.
A train covered with the sno.The train runs with full of sunshine normally is about to be buried among blizzards today.
A rare sight of blizzards at the station.Can you believe it? Here is the place close to Enoshima where known as warm island through the year.
A train arrived under the blizzards.Several hours later, the train canceled service because of this heavy snow.
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