Enoshima's port town become a venue of Tokyo 2020

Higashimachi alley.
East side of Enoshima Island is a flat residential area and a harbor area that has been developed landfill the sea in 1960s.
While "Higashimachi" residential area that is keeping the atmosphere of a small quiet fishing port town.

In contrast, a number of colorful yachts are moored in the harbor. Modern buildings are lined in the seaside such as Shonan Port office, big lighthouse and breakwater with wood deck.

Island's east side sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Couples / Cat lover
How far? (to Shotenjima Park or Yacht Harbor building, by walk)
  • 15 minutes (1.3km) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 19 minutes (1.5km) from Enoshima Station
  • 21 minutes (1.6km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 5 minutes (400m) from green bronze Torii gate in front of Nakamise Street
  • 5 minutes (300m) from Shotenjima Park to Southern Coast
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Tobiccho (Restaurant / Main road side of Higashimachi)
  • Yacht Harbor building (Public space)
When you are in case of emergency situation here, please see the page.

Old port town "Higashimachi"

An tranquil alley in Higashimachi.
On the left side of you have finished crossing the bridge, seafood restaurants, seafood shops and cafeterias lined up along the main road. Here is the entrance of Higashimachi [東町] (means "east town").
Some popular restaurants and cafeterias are always crowded and customers who are waiting makes long line through the day.
Shops and restaurants are lined along with main road. There are some famous restaurans and cafes in this area.
A tile which was drawn shellfish.The road surface of this area, tiles to introduce the shellfish that lives in the sea around here are embedded.
An tranquil alley in Higashimachi.When you enter the alley from the busy main road, there will be a space full of tranquility.
On both side of the alley, a few shops and restaurants in between the houses are dotted. It is less people here, except for cats passing sometime.

Here is residential area. Please do not make noise in a loud voice and not to enter the private lands.
As hide between the houses, there is a small temple that seems like built to be covered by the cliff. This Enmeiji Temple [延命寺] is closed usually, so we can see only outside basically.
A small temple hidden between houses. Enmeiji Temple is closed usually.

A secret way to Enoshima Jinja Shrine

Entrance of alley to Enoshima Jinja Shrine.
It is possible to go to Hetsunomiya main shrine in the half-way up the mountain, directly from here through the alley, the locals who really know.

If you look carefully around, a sign of the alley to the shrine is attached some places such as utility poles and walls. The alley continues towards the mountain while passes between the houses.

(*This way is also emergency evacuation route to higher place, in case of earthquake or tsunami tidal wave.)
Steep stairs continued all the way. Roadsign painted on the wall.
The alley passes between residential area. A cat resting aside of the alley.
Some of the branch alley that splits into left and right, these alley to go down or dead end.
If you lost your way, please find a green arrow sign that put on the alley. It indicates emergency evacuation way to Samuel Cocking Garden via Enoshima Jinja Shrine.
Dead-end sideway. A sign of emergency evacuation way.
Long stairway continues upward. When the alley will be in the second half, it will be go up the mountainside steeply.
As you go up the stairs, landscape of Higashimachi will have spread in your behind.
Over look of Higashimach and harbor. The last uphill to the shrine.
The way becomes downhill gradually, then combined with stairway, the goal is just around the corner! There is a Torii gate of Hetsunomiya main shrine on the right side, here is the end of this alley.
Passing throuth between the trees. A torii gate of Enoshima Jinja Shrine is the goal of the alley.

Shotenjima Park

Shotenjima Park.
Shotenjima rocky mountain.Originally, Shotenjima was an independent island. It is reclaimed to build a port and yacht harbor, it became part of land in 1962.
Since the rocky mountain is suddenly appear look and shape are similar, some people are calling as "Baby-Ayres Rock".
If you go there, you can meet cats probably.

Shonan Port and Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Enoshima Yacht Harbor become sailing venue for Tokyo 2020.
In opposite of Shotenjima Park, there is a white building with glass-walled. It is Enoshima Yacht Harbor office, cafe, public rest space and open-air viewing deck.

[Opening Hours] 8:30 - 17:00 (5:00 pm), Closed on Tuesday
[Admission] Free for rest space and viewing deck

It was built as the first sailing harbor in Japan in 1964 for the Olympic games in Tokyo, and will use again for sailing venue in 2020.
It has a vast facility that can be more than 1,000 yachts mooring.
Enoshima Yacht Harbor building. Overlook of the harbor.
You can overlook the harbor, if you go to the rooftop viewing terrace on the yacht harbor office building. This viewing terrace also use as the emergency evacuation spot in case of a tsunami tidal wave.

In the back of Harbor office building, There is a cauldron, which was used in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 1964, has been preserved.
Rooftop viewing terrace and emergency evacuation tower. Preserved old cauldron in the harbor.
Center promenade have been open for public visitors. There are some facilities such as Sazae Island and tide pool that can observe sea life.
The name of Sazae Island is inherited the name of small island originally there was here.
A monument of Sazae Island. Tide pool in the edge of the promnade.
Sea embankment is a good fishing spot for residents.In the back of the harbor, there is a sea embankment and boardwalk, it has a famous fishing spot for local people. Inside of sea embankment is a vast parking lot.

Part of the boardwalk near the lighthouse on the sea embankment, the floors are made of wood.
There is a white lighthouse that has 18.2 meters height. It is not open for public, so unable to see inside.

While looking at the small reef that seagulls gather (only in winter), and walk the embankment towards south, there is a rough mountain in front of you.
Boardwalk on the sea embankment. The long embankment in Enoshima.
Seagulls gather on the island. Southern end of the sea embankment.
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