The beach is the first swimming and surfing spot in Japan

Sunset scenery in Katase Nishihama Beach with Mt.Fuji.
Katase Nishihama Beach (片瀬西浜) is another sand beach in western opposite of Enoshima Island.
The scenery of the beach is really beautiful and Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula and mountains in Hakone are seen in the west. The scenery in dusk is splendid, too.

This beach is also a part of the first swimming beach in Japan and most popular with Japanese, so it is crowded during the summer season.

Katase Nishihama Beach sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See vast oceanview including Mt.Fuji
  • See beautiful sunset
  • Playing in the water and swimming in summer
  • Visit Enoshima Aquarium
  • Eat local seafoods at shops and restaurants in Katase Town
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Photographers
How far? (to seaside, by walk)
  • 5 minutes (300m) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 15 minutes (840m) from Enoshima Station
  • 17 minutes (930m) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 8 minutes to Katase Higashihama Beach
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Fujisawa City Tourist Center [藤沢市観光センター] (near the river on the seaside road)
  • Umigame Cafe (Restaurant /near Katase Gyoko fisherman's Port)
  • Enoshima Aquarium [新江ノ島水族館]
  • Denny's (Restaurant /opposite roadside of Enoshima Aquarium)
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Historical marine sports spot

Katase Nishihama Beach overview.
The oldest and most popular beach in Japan is also popular marine sports spot.
Because of rough waves from the Pacific ocean comes directly to the beach, so it is well known place for surfing. Many people come and surf in this beach from early morning almost everyday.
In sometimes, a local fishing boat does dragnet may come to the shore. Here is a good fishery, too.
Katase Nishihama is famous surfing spot. High waves coming to Katase Nishihama Beach.
Dragnet fishing is held on sometime in Katase Nishihama Beach. Result of fhising of the day.

The long beach

The long sand beach and Mt.Fuji under the blue sky.
The long arc shaped sand beach with splendid scenery is not only for swimming and the surfing spot but also strolling and the jogging spot for neighboring residents.
A surfer walking the shore. Neighboring residents strolling the shore.
When you can come here very early morning, there is a chance to see some birds such as Black kite or Sanderling runs water edge.
A Black kite on the beach. A group of Sanderling runs water edge.

Sunrise and sunset with Mount Fuji

Snow-capped Mt.Fuji and surfers in winter morning.
At sunset, it is possoble to see the vast evening scene together with Mount Fuji and mountains of Izu peninsula from the beach.
If you come here at dawn, you have a chance to see the morning sun and red-dyed Mt.Fuji. It is well known by Ukiyo-e picture called as "AkaFuji".
Katase Nishihama Beach at sunrise. Red-dyed Mt.Fuji can be seen before sunrise.

The beach park

Shonan Kaigan Koen beach park and Enoshima.
Shonan Kaigan Koen beach park [湘南海岸公園] is in the west side of the beach.
On May and June, white and pink small calystegia flower blooms around here.

There is a steel-frame tower in near the park. It is used as observation tower normally, but also use as emergency evacuation spot from tsunami tidal wave on an earthquake.
Small pink Calystegia flower. Many calystegia flowers can be seen at the park.
View from the top of emergency evacuation tower. Emeregency evacuation tower in the seaside.
There are some permanent beach volleyball courts near the seaside of the park, and here is the first beach volleyball game was performed in Japan in 1995.
And also here is the shore where the first surfing in Japan around 1960.
Beach vollyball courts at seaside. Many surfers visit the beach everyday.

The port which supports the speciality of the island

Katase Gyoko fisherman's port and Sea Candle.
A small fisherman's port "Katase Gyoko"[片瀬漁港] is in the east end of the beach next to Enoshima Aquarium. Here has a breakwater with a lighthouse adjacent to the estuary.
Most of seafoods offered at the restaurants and cafes in the island comes from this port.
Katase Gyoko Port entrance. Fishing boats can be seen from Katase Nishihama.
There is a long breakwater in Katase Gyoko Port. A lighthouse stands end of the breakwater.

Behind of the beach

Enoshima Aquarium building stands behind of the beach.
Aquarium building.Behind of Katase Nishihama Beach, one of the most famous aquarium in Japan stands here "Enoshima Aquarium"[新江ノ島水族館].
Information in detail about the aquarium, please see official site.

There is a sea life of objects, such as penguins and jellyfish in the flower beds along the roadside.
Objects in front of aquarium. Jerryfish object displayed at the entrance of the aquarium.
Opposite of the aquarium, there is a stylish seaside residential area with colorful buildings, round-shaped pedestrian overpass and some famous restaurants or cafes.
Stylish residential area in Katase Town. Round shaped pedestrian overpass.
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