A popular beach in Japan opposite Enoshima

Katase Higashihama beach in evening.
When you see the island in front, the coast that is in your near left is Katase Higashihama Beach [片瀬東浜] and far left is Koshigoe Beach [腰越海岸].
Here is the oldest sea bathing beach in Japan since Meiji era. In the present that passed more than 100 years, the beach becomes every Japanese knows its name and popular tourist spot through the year.

Katase Higashihama is in Fujisawa City and Koshigoe Beach is in Kamakura City.

Katase Higashihama and Koshigoe Beach sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See beautiful sunset and night view with the island
  • Playing in the water and swimming in summer
  • Eat local seafoods at shops and restaurants in Katase Town
How far? (to seaside, by walk)
  • 4 minutes (250m) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 10 minutes (570m) from Enoshima Station
  • 12 minutes (660m) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 8 minutes to Katase Nishihama Beach
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Katase-Enoshima Tourist Information [片瀬江の島観光案内所] (near the underpass to the island)
  • Enoshima View Tower Building (*some shops and restaurants only)
  • Pure Sports Club (near Katase Higashihama street intersection)
  • Familymart (Shop /near Katase Higashihama street intersection)
When you are in case of emergency situation here, please see the page.

The scenery of the beach symbolizes this area

Katase Higashihama Beach in summer.
These beaches were recommended for the first western style sea bathing medical care place in Japan by a German doctor Erwin von Balz in Meiji era. For this reason, it is believed that one of the first swimming beaches in Japan.

Even now it from more than 130years have passed, here placed a swimming beach in two months of every year in July and August. And here become a popular tourist spot that many people visit throughout the year in other seasons.

This wide shallow beach is good for swimming by calm waves, in thanks to its location inside of island. Especially recommended for families with small children.
A tourist playing with calm waves in the seashore. Crowded Katase Higashihama Beach in summer.

Adjoining Koshigoe Beach

Koshigoe Beach overview
East side of the beach is in Kamakura City and named as Koshigoe Swimming Beach (腰越海水浴場) By utilizing the wide beach, it is often held events related to the sea mostly in the weekend.
Overview of Koshigoe Beach from Enoshima. A event of wind surfing held at the beach.
The clear sky and wind ripple on the beach.The next morning of windy night, it is possible to see beautiful wind ripple, if you come here on early morning.

Beautiful night view

Evening scenery of Enoshima from the beach.
At dusk and evening, you can see the beautiful night view of the island that the lights reflected to the sea surface.
If you are here in full moon and windless night, why don't you go the seaside? You have a chance to see such a dreamy moon way on the sea!
A night view in Katase Higashihama. Moon way can be seen on the full moon night.

The secret under-sea path

Under-sea path links Katase Higashihama and Enoshima during low tide.
The wave may rise aside of the bridge normally.Have you ever walk under the sea?
If not yet, you have a great chance to do it here!!

Normally, it is unable to walk and swim here because a wave may rise.
But during low tide, a under-sea path appears here and you can walk between Katase Higashihama Beach and the island.

Starting from the left side of the bridge to the front of the park in the island is connected by the path.
Walking the sea floor that seashells are scattered will become a unique experience to you.
Walking under-sea path Debris of seashells
Seeing center of the island from the under-sea path Overlook of under-sea path
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