Main street of Enoshima Island since old days

Shops and restaurants are lined both side of the Nakamise Street slope.
Nakamise Street is a slope that leading to Enoshima Jinja Shrine [江島神社] and here is the most crowded place in the island. Numerous of shops, restaurants and Ryokan (Japanese style hotel) are lined with both side of long slope.

Proceeding from just the middle of the Street to the right of the alley, there is a quiet hidden Nishiura Cove.

Nakamise Street and Nishiura Cove sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Eat fresh local seafood
  • Eat local sweets & seafood snacks
  • Buy souvenirs
  • See Mt.Fuji from Nishiura Cove
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Couples
How far? (to Green bronze Torii gate, by walk)
  • 10 minutes (850m) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 14 minutes (1.1km) from Enoshima Station
  • 16 minutes (2km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 7 minutes (220m) from green Bronze Torii gate to Red Torii gate (uphill slope all the way)
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Tourist Information Desk [江の島観光案内所]
  • Marudai [丸だい] (Shop)
  • Ebisuya Ryokan [恵比寿屋旅館] (Hotel)
  • Tobiccho Sando branch [とびっちょ参道店] (Restaurant)
  • Harumi Shokudo [ハルミ食堂] (Restaurant)
  • Iwamotoro [岩本楼] (Hotel)
  • Manpukuya Jyudai [まんぷく屋十大] (Restaurant)
  • Fukushimaya [福島屋] (Shop)
  • Escar ticket office [エスカー] (Transportation)
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The entrance of the island

Green colored bronze Torii gate is entrance of Nakamise Street.
Upon completion of cross the bridge, You will find a green bronze Torii gate.
Here is the entrance of Nakamise Street that continues to Hetsunomiya main shrine.
Buildings of Eno-SpaAnd you can see gray colored building on your right. This is "Enoshima Island Spa" hot springs and restaurants. [Official Site]
The gray colored building has sushi restaurant, burger shop and sweets shop. Spa facilities are located in the backside ocher colored building.
The green bronze Torii gate was built in Edo era.This green bronze Torii gate built in 1747 and re-built in 1821 by donation by believers. Their names are engraved on the pillar of the Torii.
There is a frame written as "Enoshima Daimyojin" [江島大明神] meaning Enoshima Jinja Shrine in Buddhism word.

The busy long slope

Tourists and shops in Nakamise Street.
In the middle of Nakamise Street slope.A shopping street in precincts of the shrine or the temple, called as "Nakamise" in Japanese. Commonly Nakamise Street, are lined with many restaurants, local fast food shops, souvenir shops and hotels.
In the case of here, most of all restaurants are offer seafoods especially whitebait and turban shell.
Also there are a lot of Zakka (Japanese style miscellaneous) shops here.
Nakamise Street is steep slope all the way.Popular local fast foods and sweets are like compressed octopus snack, sweet steamed bun etc.
There are too many shops and restaurants. So we will update and give you more detail information on "Eat and Buy" page in near future.

Some famous shops and restaurants in the street are as follows.

[Local fast foods and sweets]
Asahi Honten [あさひ本店]
Tako Sembei (Compressed octopus snack)
Ebi Sembei (Compressed lobster snack)
Kurage Sembei (Compressed jellyfish snack)
Kinokuniya Honten [紀の国屋本店]
Meoto Manjyu (Sweet steamed bun)
Ice Monaka (Ice cream sandwich)
[Seafood Restaurant]
Tobiccho [とびっちょ]
Specializing in whitebait.
Harumi Shokudo [ハルミ食堂]
The originator of "Enoshima-don" (rice covered with cooked turban shell with egg)
There are small alleys on both sides of Nakamise Street. Most of these alleys are connected to private residences and there were a few small old shrines with taste to some extent. But recently some shops and cafes have opened and it has become a place to discover new things.
An alley to Nishiura Cove. A old small shrine in the alley
A shop in the alley near Nakamise Street
"torico" Karaage fried chicken shop
(Able to Take-out / Eat here)
A cafe in the allry
Full of tourists in Nakamise Street.It is tend to be crowded between 10:00 and 17:00 (5:00 pm) in the street. Because of most of the shops are open around at 10:00, but some local fast foods shops are open earlier at 8:00 or 9:00.
Restaurants are open at 10:00 or 11:00.
On rainy day or stormy day, they tend to close earlier.
Shops and restaurants are close earlyer here.These shops and restaurants are close at early evening.
Some shops close at sunset or around 17:30 (5:30 pm). Most of all of them are close until 20:00 (8:00 pm).

So if you want buy or eat something here, better to go earlier.

Boundary with the shrine's sanctuary

Red torii gate stands at the boundary with the sanctuary and commercial area.
When the ambient opened widely and a big red Torii gate stands in front of you, here is the end of Nakamise Street. This means that it is the sanctuary of Enoshima Jinja Shrines from here.

The lively atmosphere until here changes completely, a solemn atmosphere and the clustering trees surrounds the area.

Calm time of the busy street

Nakamise Street at early morning.
Illuminated red torii gate and closed shops at night.Around 20:00 (8:00 pm), almost all of shops and restaurants are closed already.
The busy street go to sleep and covered with tranquility until around 7:00 in the next morning.
Silence encompasses the around. The road is crowded with people in the daytime, but only a cat sometimes goes at night.
Yellow-green illuminated tile on Nakamise Street at night.In some places of the slope when it comes to night, you can find this kind of tiles that glows faintly yellow-green.
It have some different design, try to find!

A hidden cove the locals who really know

Beautiful sunset can be seen at Nishiura Cove.
On the right side just before Iwamotoro Hotel, there is a really small and narrow alley. If you proceed the alley to the end...
Passing small and narrow alley. Seeing Nishiura Cove from the alley.
You'll arrive a small hidden coast that called as "Nishiura Cove"[西浦] (means West Cove in Japanese) by locals.
For the shallows where a wave is calm, you can walk around rock coast during the low tide.
Overview of Nishiura Cove.  Nishiura Cove in low tide.
You can enjoy panoramic view of beautiful Mount Fuji over the sea from here.
Here is also one of the good location to see the sunset.
Seeing Mt.Fuji and sea from Nishiura Coast. Close-up view of Mt.Fuji in Nishiura Coast.
Seeing Mt.Fuji and sea from Nishiura Coast. Close-up view of Mt.Fuji in Nishiura Coast.
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