The brilliant shrine has connection with Kabuki

Colorful Nakatsunomiya Shrine building.
Nakatsunomiya [中津宮] is second shrine of Enoshima Jinja Shrines by its elevation.

The most brilliant shrine of them was built in 853 by Buddhist monk Ennin. Re-built in 1689 by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi the fifth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty.
Present shrine building is repaired in 1996 and reproduce the time it was re-built in 1689.

Nakatsumiya Jinja Shrine sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See colorful Nakatsunomiya shrine building
  • See the eastern seascape from the viewing deck
  • See the seasonal flowers at Nakatsunomiya Square
How far? (to Nakatsunomiya Shrine, by walk)
  • 22 minutes (1.3km) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 26 minutes (1.6km) from Enoshima Station
  • 28 minutes (1.7km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Escar ticket office [エスカー] (Transportation, at Nakatsunomiya Square)
When you are in case of emergency situation here, please see the page.

Rich flower and nature, Nakatsunomiya Square

Nakatsunomiya Square overview
Walking from Hetsunomiya main shrine, passing through a Torii gate and go down stairs, the road join into the another road to bypass the shrine. Turn right way to the "Top of the island".

Downward stairway to Nakamise Street.However, if you want to go back to Nakamise Street or leave the island, go left and down the stairs.
There is a small garden with viewing deck in front of you. Here is "Nakatsunomiya Square". It is blooming seasonal flowers in this garden through the year including cherry blossoms or hydrangea, popular flowers in Japan.
Here had a Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) stands in a long ago.
During the winter night (End of November to mid of February), the square has illuminated.
Flowers blooming at Nakatsunomiya Square on spring. Illuminated Nakatsunomiya Square in winter night.
Turtles are sunbathing at the pond of the garden.On the right side sandwiching the road, there is a pond and here lives some turtles.
Sometimes you have a chance to see sunbathing alley cats.
Overlook Yacht Harbor from the view deck.From a view deck in the garden or the middle of the stairway to Nakatsunomiya Jinja Shrine, you can enjoy expansive views of Shonan Port yacht harbor, Kamakura and Miura peninsula.
View of Shonan Port and Miura Peninsula. Nightview of Yacht Harbor.

Nakatsunomiya Shrine

Red and Gold colored Nakatsunomiya Shrine building.
Go up the stairs the turn to the right, there is a building decorated in brilliant colors come into view in front. This is Nakatsunomiya Shrine [中津宮] the second shrine.
  • [Opening Hours] Precincts open throughout the day
  • [Admission] Free
154 pictures of seasonal flowers and birds is drawn to the ceiling, sculptures of colorful dragon and lions has been decorated with pillars.
Nightview of Nakatsunomiya Shrine. There is a dragon in this shrine too.
Memorial monument of Kabuki held in Enoshima.This shrine has deep relationship with the Kabuki. Two stone lanterns that stands at the entrance has been donated by two of Kabuki theaters "Ichimura-za" and "Nakamura-za" in the Edo era.
Also around the lanterns, there are some trees planted by Kabuki actors and monument of Kabuki.
precincts of Nakatsunomiya ShrineTurn right and go up stairs further to top of the island area.
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