A pilgrimage way to original holy site of Enoshima

Sign of Oiwayamichi pilgrimage way
Oiwaya-michi way [御岩屋道] is a old pilgrimage way from Hetsunomiya main shrine to Iwaya Caves and it connecting all 3 Enoshima Jinja Shrines and original sanctuary area Iwaya Caves, east and west of Enoshima Island.
Many religious people and authorities of time occasionally came and crossed this way seeking enlightenment and protection of God.

Oiwayamichi way sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Take rest and try Japanese sweets at street side cafes that used traditional wooden Japanese house
  • Eat fresh local seafoods at street side restaurants
  • Especially recommended for... Friends / Couples
How far? (by walk)
  • 15 minutes (670m) from Hetsunomiya to Okutsunomiya Shrine
  • 7 minutes (375m) from Red torii gate to Yama-futatsu valley via shortcut way
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  • Enoshima Daishi [江の島大師] (Tourist spot)
  • Enomaru [江のまる] (Cafe & Restaurant)
  • Nakamuraya [中村屋羊羹店] (Sweets shop /Yama-futatsu valley)
  • Kitasan Chaya [きたさん茶屋] (Restaurant /Yama-futatsu valley)
  • Yurantei [遊覧亭] (Restaurant /Yama-futatsu valley)
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The way to original and deep west of Enoshima

Oiwayamichi pilgrimage way to the west.
There is a way that continued to straight west while progressively downward. It called as "Oiwaya-michi" and is a original pilgrimage way to Iwaya Caves and Okutsunomiya Shrine the original shrine of Enoshima Jinja Shrines.

On the day that the sky is clear, the Mt.Fuji can be seen back of stairs.
If you walk a little, there is a round shaped roof building, which is two red Nio (Deva Kings) statue stands in front, on your left.
This is a Buddhist temple Koyasan Saifukuji branch temple a.k.a. Enoshima Daishi [江の島大師].
  • [Opening Hours] 8:30 - 18:00 (6:00 pm) , everyday
  • [Admission] Free
Nio statue stand in front of modern building of Enoshima Daishi Temple. A night view of Enoshima Daishi Temple.
A cafe used old wooden building.Go further ahead from the temple, there are some shops and cafe that used old traditional wooden houses.
A stone monument of Ippen's well.In this area, there are several stone monuments stand aside of the way.

Right one is in order to help the islanders that drinking water was insufficient, it has been told that famous Buddhist monk Ippen dug a well.
Lanterns illuminate the way in August night.During the night in August, the road is illuminated in the pale light of a number of lanterns.
If you're here in August, why do you miss this summer illumination event? You can experience the elegance of Japan deeply.

Yama-futatsu Valley

Yama-futasu Valley
Seaview from Yama-futatsu valley.When you go on the way it bent a little to the right, your verge of visibility is spread suddenly, the way falls into the valley at steep angle.
Here is the valley called Yama-futatsu [山二つ], in which two mountains of east and west are in contact with.
This valley is also being for air passage, where the can be seen tree is bent by the wind.
Here is the only place that able to see the sea from this Oiwayamichi way.
The shops in Yama-futatsu valley.There is some shops and restaurants around the valley.
Especially, Nakamuraya [中村屋羊羹店] Japanese sweets shop has more than 100 years history and originator of Nori-yokan (a sweet bean paste jerry with seaweed).
The shop uses traditional old wooden houses both sides of the way.

Shortcut way to Red Torii gate

Alley to shortcut way.An alley next to the sweets shop is a shortcut way to the end of Nakamise street at the front of Red Torii gate with less stairs.
If you go this way, it takes only 8 minutes (500m), compare with standard full of stairs way takes 15 minutes (700m).

Most of this way is covered with the trees, but you can see Mount Fuji and the seascape of northern part of the island in some places.
Pass through under the red bridge. Most of shortcut way is covered with trees.
Mt.Fuji can be seen from the shortcut way. You can see the scenery from between the trees in some places.

Go west furthermore

A stone pagoda of monkeys.There is a stone pagoda near the valley.
It was built on the basis of the Koshin faith derived from the legacy was Taoism from China.

It is a rare thing that has carved a number of monkey cartoon-like on the surface.
Many of them has a action such as dancing, walking a tightrope and ride to the bar.
Way to Okutsunomiya Shrine.When it exceeds the valley, the way begin to climb again while turn left.
There are some seafood restaurants and cafe on your right.
After that, the way will be flat and straight. Okutusunomiya Shrine is near by.
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