A pilgrimage way to original holy site of Enoshima

Okutsunomiya Shrine in early morning.
After crossing a steep Yama-futatsu valley and going down a flat road, you will arrive at a shrine with old stone torii gate in front of you. Here is Okutsunomiya Shrine [奥津宮] the oldest shrine of Enoshima Jinja Shrines.

Okutsunomiya Shrine sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See old wooden building of Okutsunomiya Shrine
  • Take rest and try Japanese sweets at street side cafes that used traditional wooden Japanese house
  • Eat fresh local seafoods at street side restaurants
  • Visit Ryuren-no-Kane and ring a bell (If you are couple)
  • Especially recommended for... Friends / Couples
How far? (to Okutsunomiya Shrine, by walk)
  • 35 minutes (2.2km) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 39 minutes (2.5km) from Enoshima Station
  • 41 minutes (2.6km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 10 minutes (400m) from entrance of Samuel Cocking Garden
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The original shrine of Enoshima Island

Okutsunomiya Shrine
When the road bends to the right, it is arrived at Okutsunomiya Shrine [奥津宮].
  • [Opening Hours] Precincts open throughout the day
  • [Admission] free
There is a old stone torii gate stands in front of the shrine. It is said that was donated by Minamoto no Yoritomo the founder and first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate in 1185.

Originally, here was the main shrine of Enoshima Jinja. The statue of the goddess was staying and moved from Iwaya Cave during the summer to escape from high tide.
Old wooden building of Okutsunomiya Jinja Shrine.
Happo-niramino-kame picture.The ceiling of shrine building, has been drawn picture of a turtle that was facing the front.
This picture is called as Happo-niramino-kame [八方睨みの亀] (a turtle watching all the direction).
Because of even when viewed from any direction, the turtle appear to look straight to you. Try it!!
There is a "Kame-ishi"[亀石] (Turtle Stone) that the stone has a pattern, like an turtle shell in the front garden of the shrine.
Also there is a "Chikara-ishi"[力石] stone placed in near around of Kame-ishi stone. This Chikara-ishi stone was donated by a man who were said to be most powerful in the nation at that time in Edo era, weighing 320kg.
Kameishi Stone. Chikaraishi stone in the garden.
*These stones are enshrined in here. Don't touch and not to sit down on it.
A lot of trees planted in the garden around the shrine such as cherry, Japanese plum, hydrangea and more. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the seasons that flowers are colored, which has been going on for decades and hundreds of years at this place.
Cherry blossom and torii gate in Okutsumiya. Cherry blossoms and shrine building in Enoshima.
Japanese plum flowers in Okutsumiya Shrine. Hydrangea flowers in Okutsumiya Shrine.

Places around the shrine

An old house uses as Japanese style cafe.
There are some tourist spots and shops around the shrine.

Turn right with a little ahead from the shrine, there is a strange appearance of small rocky mound that a dragon riding on, to your right.
This is Wadatsumi-no-miya [龍宮] (shrine worshiping the dragon) built in 1994.
You can enter into the mound and look inside during daytime.
The entrance of Wadatsumi no Miya dragon shrine. A dragon riding on the rocky mound.
A Japanese style cafe and plum flowers.There are some old Japanese style houses around Wadatsumi-no-Miya.
Those of them are seafood restaurants and Japanese style sweets cafe that you can experience Japanese style atmosphere not only the cuisine.
Here is one of the recommended place to take a commemorative photo.

What is there in the deep forest

A path into the deep forest.
Entrance of the path.Just opposite of Wadatsumi-no-miya Dragon Shrine, there is a path that leads into the woods.
Entrance of Ryuren no Kane hill.While walk along the trail, it divided into two. If you go right, you will see a fence covered with many padlocks shortly.

Here is "Ryuren-no-Kane"[龍恋の鐘] (Hill of the love bell) that was built in 1996 named after a old tale of Benzaiten goddess and five-headed dragon.
The love bell of the Dragon. The fence is covered with padlocks.
A custom that lovers put a padlock on the fence as same as the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris began unawares. And this custom was widespread by that main character of the lovers also did it here in a movie.
This lot of padlocks removed in one year, in order to prevent the collapse of the fence.
Overgrown trees around the hill.The surrounding area of "Ryuren no Kane" is pristine forest and possible to walk under overgrown trees.
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