The another side of coast of Enoshima Island

Southern Coast of Enoshima Island.
Enoshima Southern Coast is a coast where the reefs spread which only some local people familiar with the island knows. At low tide, you can walk the reef along the cliff, and able to enjoy completely different seascape from the rest of the island.

Southern Coast sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Explore the reef coast
  • See beautiful sunset together with Mt.Fuji
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Couples
How far? (to entrance of the coast, by walk)
  • 27 minutes (1.47km) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 32 minutes (1.75km) from Enoshima Station
  • 34 minutes (1.8km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 10 minutes (550m) from green bronze Torii gate in front of Nakamise Street
  • 5 minutes (285m) from Shotenjima Park
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Whether walking the embankment from the lighthouse or walking from Shotenjima Park on the sidewalk between the parking lot and vacant lot, a rough cliff appears in front of you.
If you go to end of the sea embankment, there is a small way down to the seaside.
The reef spreads in the southern coast. The entrance to the coast.

Southern Coast

A rough mountain stands behind the reef at southern coast of Enoshima.
Southern Coast during high tide.When you go down the way to the seaside, you will arrive at rocky coast that has rough mountain surface approaching behind.
You can go to this coast only at low tide. The reef sinks in the sea, so please do not enter during high tide.
First of all, please be careful you do not get too close to the cliff. The cliffs are very fragile because of erosion by wind and waves for long years and in fact, the rocks may fall sometimes. There are cave-like holes in some places on the cliff, but please do not enter.
For your safety, don't enter into inside (mountainside) of wirerope.
The cliff is very close to the sea. Warning wirerope in the cliff side.
The reef in the area have many sharp rocks, and the sea is complicated and intricate, so the feet are very unstable. It is better to free both your hands when walking here. But even families with small children can walk down to here and see them.
The criff and the sea at southern coast of Enoshima. Around view of entrance of the coast in Enoshima.
You can walk through the reef with huge rocks along the cliff as if you are exploring.
This area is located just under Kamegaoka Square on the top of Enoshima Island.
Huge rocks falling from the cliff. Overview of Enoshima Southern Caost.
Between the reefs, there are places where the sea enters deep into the inland. In the surrounding area, there many places which are pooled when the tide is drawn, and there may be fish, shellfish etc.
Sea water enters into deep inland in some places. A cove under the valley.
Walking for a while, you will reach the place where the sea entering deep into the inland. Here is the foot of Yama-futatsu valley, and it is a place that became like a deep valley when the east side and the west side originally were separate islands, contacted each other.
It seems it will be possible to walk further ahead of the reef, but it is unable to go to the direction for Enoshima Iwaya Caves. Because there is a place where the sea is deeply entering into the inland and can not cross the sea.
Seeing Sea Candle tower from the coast. The dead-end of reef walk.
The coast is also one of the good place to see the beautiful sunset over the sea at dusk. If the sky is clear, you can see the black emerge shape of Mount Fuji is lit by setting sun.
Beautiful sunset over the reef in Enoshima. Mount Fuji and the reefs in Enoshima at sunset.
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