Enoden Line Guide A train like an attraction, links Enoshima

Enoden Line TrainEnoden Line [江ノ電] is the most useful transportation that links Fujisawa [藤沢] and historical city Kamakura [鎌倉] via Enoshima. Most of major tourist spots in the area are located along the line.
It is known for variegated landscape and keeping atmosphere of nostalgic railway, among 15 stations on 10km, 30minutes trip.

This tiny railway in Japan is also known for appearing on many TV drama, movie, anime and manga works very often.
It is sure that riding on the train will become one of highlight for trip to the area.
(*We guide some major stations only.)
Enoden Line Route Map

About the line

  • The train operates from 5:10 in the morning to 0:00 at the midnight.(May vary to the station)
  • The train is operated every 12 minutes to each direction, except for early morning and late night.
  • It takes 34 minutes between Fujisawa and Kamakura.
  • All train stops at all stations.
  • Smoking is prohibited at the station and the train.
Overlook of Fujisawa stations
  • The door of the train stops near [乗車口] indication on the platform. Please line up in the row near here, when you wait and getting on a train.
  • Usually, train is operated with 4 cars. However some trains in early morning and late evening are operated with 2 cars.
  • The train may be delayed due to overcrowded in the weekend of summer or the holiday season in Japan.
  • Odakyu Free Wi-Fi available at all station. Up to 3 hours by one connection.  (*Not supported by Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app, select Odakyu_Free_Wi-Fi. )

Ticket and Fare

Fare Base
  • Adult Fare ... 12 years old or older.
  • Children Fare ... Between 6 years old to 11 years old.
  • Infant ... Between 1 year old to 5 years old.
    Free for charge, up to 2 infants accompanied by an adult.
  • Baby ... Under 1 year old.
    Free for charge.
Standard one-way Fare (Only shown from Kamakura and Fujisawa)
  • 190Yen for Adult / 100Yen for Children:
    All stations between Kamakura - Hase
    All stations between Fujisawa - Kugenuma
  • 220Yen for Adult / 110Yen for Children:
    From/to Kamakura - Gokurakuji and Inamuragasaki
    From/to Fujisawa - Shonan Kaigan Koen, Enoshima and Koshigoe
  • 260Yen for Adult / 130Yen for Children:
    From/to Kamakura - Shichirigahama to Enoshima
    From/to Fujisawa - Kamakura Koko Mae to Inamuragasaki
  • 300Yen for Adult / 150Yen for Children:
    From/to Kamakura - Shonan Kaigan Koen to Fujisawa
    From/to Fujisawa - Gokurakuji to Kamakura
Day Pass (Only valid on the date shown in the pass.)
  • Noriorikun - 1day free pass for entire Enoden Line (Train pass only)
  • Train pass "Noriorikun" info and map
  • [Fare] 600Yen for Adults / 300Yen for Children
    Sold at all stations of Enoden Line
  • See official information
  • Kamakura Enoshima Afternoon Pass
    Set of half-day free pass for entire Enoden Line
    with one-time admission for Escar, Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle
  • Afternoon pass info and map
  • [Fare] 1,000Yen for Adults / 500Yen for Children
    Sold at the counter in Fujisawa, Kamakura and Enoshima station from 13:00 to 17:00.
    See official information

How to buy a ticket

A ticket vending machine.Standard one-way ticket and "Noriorikun" day pass are able to buy at the ticket vending machine in each station. (Indication in English is possible.)
At Fujisawa, Enoshima, Hase and Kamakura station, manned ticket counter also available.

The payment accepts Japanese Yen cash and "PASMO" or "Suica" rechargeable prepaid IC-card.

Instructions for using ticket vending machine, automated ticket gate, unmanned station and more..., please see the link How to buy or use tickets at the station in detail.
Also available official guide on Enoden Line website.

Station, Scenery and Tourist spot guide

  • Enoshima - Enoshima Island, Katase Beaches, Ryukoji Temple, Train passing street
  • Koshigoe - Koshigoe Shopping Street, Koshigoe Beach, Manpukuji Temple
  • Hase - Hasedera Temple, Kotokuin Temple(Great Buddha), Goryo Jinja Shrine
  • Yuigahama - Kamakura Museum of Literature, Yuigahama Beach
  • Kamakura - Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Komachi-dori Street and more

Fujisawa Station 藤沢

Eujisawa Station entrance
Fujisawa is Enoden's west side of departing station.
There are many department stores, supermarkets, drugstores and other shops around the station.
Overlook of Fujisawa stations Enoden's station located at 2nd floor of Odakyu department store on south exit of JR Line & Odakyu Line stations.
These stations are connected with a pedestrian bridge in 3 minutes walk (200m).

If you need maps or info, there is a tourist information "Shonan Fujisawa Concierge" located on the way (at 2nd floor of JR Line & Odakyu Line stations).
[Station Information]
JR Tokaido Line: for Yokohama, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Odawara, Atami and etc.
Odakyu Line: for Machida, Shinjuku and etc.
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Shopping such as daily necessities, clothing and foods
Station Staff: Always on duty
Shop: Souvenir shop and cafe near the ticket gate (in public area)
Coin locker: At the left side of exit on the right towards the ticket gate
Public toilet: At front of the platform (Toilet for disabled person available)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Inside of Fujisawa Station.At inside the station, flowers in season or hand-crafted decorations are often displayed and welcomes you.
Since such activities are active in the train company, you can find a variety of decorations in some major stations.
Departing train.Train departs in every 12 minutes except for very early morning and late night.

Normally train runs from 5:10 a.m. to around 0:00 a.m. But it runs overnight on 31 December.

A frog on the railroad

Frog on end of the railroad in spring.You will find a frog on the dead end of railroad at the platform.
Frog called as "Kaeru" in Japanese, and the word "Kaeru" also has a sense that return safely.
This frog is enshrined in the hope for passengers return home safely, is decorated with each seasonal tradition by the station staff.
Frog on end of the railroad in summer. Frog on end of the railroad in autumn.

On the way...

A train and Cherry blossom.6 of 15 stations are unmanned, however it is possible to communicate with staff in another station by the intercom when you are in trouble.
(Unmanned stations are Ishigami, Yanagikoji, Shonan kaigan koen, Kamakura Koko Mae, Yuigahama and Wadazuka.)

To wait for oncoming train, train stops longer in every 2-3 station.

Enoshima Station 江ノ島

Enoshima Station
About 10 minutes run from Fujisawa, the train arrive Enoshima Station. Here is the nearest to Enoshima Island among the line.
The station is very crowded with tourists at the daytime of the weekends and the holidays.
Waiting for departure. Waiting for departure.
[Station Information]
Transfer: Shonan Monorail for Ofuna
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Enoshima Island - Tourist spot guide Inner Island
Katase Nishihama Beach, Enoshima Aquarium - Katase Nishihama Guide
Katase Higashihama Beach - Katase Higashihama Guide
Ryukoji Temple - Katase Town Guide
Koshigoe Shopping Street - Koshigoe Guide
Station Staff: Always on duty
Shop: Souvenir shop near the ticket gate (in public area)
Coin locker: Inside the station building near the ticket vending machines
Public toilet: At the platform for Fujisawa (Toilet for disabled person available)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Official goods shop of Enoden Line.Enoden Line sells many original goods at the shop adjacent to the station. (Also available at Fujisawa and Kamakura Station.)

If you go to Enoshima Island and Katase Beaches, walk the road in front of the station to the left about 10 minutes.

If you go to Ryukoji Temple or Koshigoe Shopping Street, walk the road in front of the station to the right then turn right again about 5 minutes.
There is a waiting room on Platform 1. Here becomes like a small train museum, and some documents or models or a real head part of retired train (Type 300) are displayed.
This train was operated until 2007 and we can see outside only. However, there is a chance to enter inside in very rare cases.
Inside of small railway museum in the waiting room. A garden in the station
And there is a small garden named the "Ga-den"[ガー電] aside of this waiting room.

Feel the season at the Station

A lantern of Enoden's charactor.This Enoshima Station is really often decorated with seasons items or event items.
Ghost and Jack-o'-Lantern welcomes your arrival!During Halloween, inside of the station is fully decorated with lanterns, balloons and ornaments.
Jack-o'-Lantern and ghosts appears everywhere at the station!!
It's truly rare sight at the public space in Japan, it might be one of the place enjoying this event.
Halloween decorations aside of the ticket gate. Halloween display in the station.
Another rare sight of traditional Japanese new year decoration at the station.
"Kadomatsu" displayed in front of the ticket gate and lion dance-"Shishimai" dancing.
Enoden staff can realize the old tradition meets modern technology!
New year decorations at the ticket gate. Shishimai (lion dance) displayed at the station.
"Kadomatsu"(made of pine and bamboo) is a Japanese traditional decoration in the New year.   "Shishimai" lion dance is also Japanese traditional scene in the New year.

A smallest and warmest welcome

Dressed small birds in front of the station.Decorations are not only inside Enoshima Station!
A fence in front of the station is well-known countrywide by its cute appearance.
Small birds are dressed up with hat and jacket for welcoming you!

A person who lives in neighborhood at the station makes clothes and dressed them. Their clothes change with the seasons and events. Don't miss it!!
Special costume for football game day. Small birds also dressed for halloween.

A train runs street along with cars

Enoden Line train runs street.
As soon as the train depart Enoshima Station, the railroad merge with the street in front of Ryukoji Temple. This sharp curve is a radius 28meters and the sharpest curved railroad in Japan.
Then, the train runs center of the street along with cars until Koshigoe station.
Members of the brass band club of the high school welcome a passing Enoden train View from inside of the train while running on the road.
This street is well-known place for photographers because it is able to see rare scene that a standard train runs along with cars (not a tram!).
Train runs road along with cars. View from inside of the train while running on the road.
When the train approached, cars have to stop and give way to the train in this street.
If you have enough time, because of there are some good restaurants and sweets shops, it is recommended that you walk this street while seeing the train.
Train passing aside of colorful decorated festival float.Cars are closed traffic when local festivals is held in this street. It is a rare chance to see the train passes very near "Dashi" a traditional wooden festival float.

On Tennosai festival to be held in the weekend of mid-July, train operation is temporarily suspended 2 times during the peak time of the festival. Because there are too many people in the street and hard to keep safe operation.

If you meet in this scene, we strongly recommend that you have to get off the train at the next station and should return here to watch it!! It's really worth to see and able to feel the spirit of Japan!

More detail info of the street, please see Koshigoe tourist spot guide page.
More festival scenes in the street, please see Yoshitsune Matsuri Festival and Tennosai Festival page.

Koshigoe Station 腰越

Koshigoe Station
Koshigoe is the smallest station among the 15 stations and also west end station in Kamakura City.

Here is also known by interesting decorations such as hand-painted mural on the wall of the station, message board and Shirasu-Nobori(whitebait streamer) made by station staff.
Koshigoe Station wall. Shirasu-Nobori (Whitebait streamer)
The original "Shirasu-Nobori"
(Not carp streamer, its a whitebait!!)
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Koshigoe Shopping Street, Koshigoe Beach, Manpukuji Temple.
Please see more detail info on Koshigoe Tourist spot guide.
Station Staff: Duty on 9:00 - 18:00 only
Shop: No (Many shops around the station)
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: At the platform (No dedicated toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible (*Station staff assistance required)
1 car stops at outside of Koshigoe Station.When the train operated with 4 cars, 1 car stops at outside the station.
So this 1 car is remain closed the door despite while stopping at the station.
Please pay attention if you will get off at Koshigoe.
Instruction about Koshigoe StationInstruction about train door at Koshigoe Station
View from Koshigoe Gyoko PortA few minutes walk from Koshigoe Station, you can go to the seaside and can see beautiful sunset with Mt. Fuji from here.
You can also walk to a historical place in the town, Manpukuji Temple.

From narrow backyards of houses to vast ocean

Houses stands really near to railroad.
The train runs slowly from Koshigoe Station to seaside.
Because here is very small space between railroad and surrounding houses.
Entrance of some houses in the area are facing on railroad and walk the railroad to go in and out to the houses. Also sometimes, the branch of the garden tree may hit the train window.

(*If you go and see the train here, don't enter into the railroad!)
A train and temporary "Torii" gate for the festival. Train runs narrow backyard of houses.
Outside of windows colored blue on clear day.At the same time as the outside of the train windows becomes bright suddenly, the vast ocean and the sky spreads all windows of train.
Then the train runs pleasing seaside while increasing the speed.
 Outside of windows colored blue on clear day. Outside of windows colored blue on clear day.

Kamakura Koko Mae Station 鎌倉高校前

Kamakura Koko Mae Station
Kamakura Koko Mae Station might be the most famous station of Enoden Line. Because it is appearing on many TV drama, movie, manga and anime works very frequently.
Enoden train in Kamakura Koko Mae. Kamakura Koko Mae Station platform
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Station itself, Slam Dunk Railroad Crossing, Seaside.
Please see more detail info on Kamakura Koko Mae tourist spot guide.
Station Staff: Unmanned
Shop: No (A shop and drink vending machine is in the middle of slope)
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: At the platform (No dedicated toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Originally, it is a small station of the residential area only nearby there is a high school, a hospital and seaside.
However, from the splendor of the view of the station and the atmosphere of classical small wooden station, it appeared on many stories and came to be known worldwide.
View from the seaside of Kamakura Koko Mae. Japan's most famous railroad crossing near Kamakura Koko Mae Station
Also there is a railroad crossing near the station that called as "Japan's most famous crossing to the world".

Into the residential area

Enoden Line train and Mt.Fuji
The train run a while after leaving Kamakura Koko Mae station, it stop at nothing place to wait and pass oncoming train.
Then, run again for a while from there, the train away from seaside and running along the road.
There is no fence between railroad and the road. It is also rare sight in Japan.
A train runs near Shichirigahama Station. No fence between the railroad and the road.
(*Do not enter railroad other than railroad crossing, and watch out for train when you cross the railroad.)

Shichirigahama Station 七里ヶ浜

A train crossing seaside road near Shichirigahama.
Shichirigahama StationShichirigahama Station is also in a seaside residential area.
In front of the station, there is a object which shaped the sail of wind surfing.
There are some shop and a high school around the station.
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions: Seaside
Station Staff: Duty on 9:00 -18:00 only
Shop: No (Some shops and restaurants near the station and seaside)
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: Ahead of platform near the gate (No dedicated toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible (*Station staff assistance required)
Near free Wi-Fi spot:
7-11 (Shop /near the seaside)
Ocean Glide (near eastern seaside of 7-11)
Easysurf (Surf shop /western seaside from the river)
Oceanview from Shichirigahama Coast.Shichirigahama is a name of near coast, and you can go by a few minutes walk from the station. It is a beautiful white sand coast, but waves are rough because of the terrain, swimming is prohibited.

However, it is famous as a surfing spot, you can see the person who ride the wave even on weekdays.
There are several famous restaurants in and around seaside.

Run along with the sealine

A railroad crossing near Shichirigahama.The train departed Shichirigahama Station, towards the seaside while curve to right and left. Came by the seaside, Train run while seeing the shore of Shichirigahama.
Wonderful ocean view can be seen around here, especially from the top of "Shichiko-dori" [七高通り] the long slope road next to the school. So it's good to get off the train and walk along the railroad.

Inamuragasaki Station 稲村ヶ崎

A beautiful sundet view from Inamuragasaki Cape.
Inamuragasaki is a name of near cape. A few minutes walk from the station, you can go seaside.
Inamuragasaki Station Island and fireworks from Inamuragasaki.
Park in Inamuragasaki Cape is famous place where you can see the beautiful sunset together with Mt.Fuji and Enoshima Island.
Many travellers and photographers visit here to see sunset on sunny evening.
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions: Seaside, Inamuragasaki Cape Park
Station Staff: Always on duty
Shop: No (Some shops near the station)
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: available inside the ticket gate (No dedicated toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Near free Wi-Fi spot: 7-11 (Shop /a few minutes walk to the sea from the station)
Inamuragasaki Cape.Sand of Inamuragasaki beach looks black, because of it contains many iron sand.
This is the place there was a battle triggered the downfall of Kamakura Shogunate in 1333.
You can see a lateral hole in the middle of sea cliff, this was made for the base construction during World War II.

Gokurakuji Station 極楽寺

Gokurakuji Station
Gokurakuji Station platformThe train away from the seaside and run a while in the mountains. Then, it will arriving at Gokurakuji.

The station is small, old and tranquil but it often appeared on the TV Dramas, Movies, Animes, Mangas and Novels as a location.
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions: Gokurakuji Temple, Jojuin Temple.
See more detail info on Gokurakuji Tourist spot guide
Station Staff: Duty on 9:00 -18:00 only
Shop: No
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: Outside of station building (No toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Gokurakuji Temple entrance.There are some famous tourist spots around the station, such as Gokurakuji Temple and Jojuin Temple. Both temples are known for hydrangea flowers in June and July.
A few minutes walk from the station, there is a train garage. A old train that was used since 1931 also has been preserved here.
This called as "Tankoro" train is not shown for public normally, but it displays at the event that takes place every December, we can see and ride it at that time.
Gokurakuji train garage. Preserved old train.
An old tunnel near Gokurakuji Temple.Under the bridge between the station and Gokurakuji Temple, there is the only tunnel in Enoden Line.
It have passed more than 100 years since construction has been used even now.
A train passing near Goryo Jinja Shrine.When the train exit the old tunnel, row of hydrangea trees is followed on both side of railroad.
There is a small shrine Goryo Jinja Shrine [御霊神社] known for photography spot of train and hydrangea flower in June and July.

Hase Station 長谷

Hase Station
Hase is in the west of Kamakura City and there are many famous tourist spots such as Kamakura Daibutsu (great Buddha statue), Hasedera Temple and more. So this Hase Station have been crowded with tourists during daytime.
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Hasedera Temple, Kamakura Daibutsu great Buddha statue(Kotokuin Temple), Goryo Jinja Shrine and more...
See more detail info on Hase Tourist spot guide.
Station Staff: Duty on 6:30 - Last train
Shop: No (Many shops around the station)
Coin locker: At Platform 2 (Inside of paid area)
Public toilet: At Platform 2 (Toilet for disabled person also available)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible (Station staff assistance required at Platform 1)
Colorful flowers of hydrangea covered with the precincts of Hasedera Temple.Some temples and shrines in Hase are very famous for Cherry blossom, hydrangea and other flowers. The season when hydrangea flower blooms (from June to the middle of July), it is very crowded with many tourists.
Especially at Hasedera Temple, you may be kept waiting for around 2 hours to see the flower garden in some cases.

Yuigahama Station 由比ヶ浜

A train approaching to Yuigahama Station.
Yuigahama StationYuigahama Station is a small station that is in a quiet residential area.
But during the summer, it is very crowded with a lot of young people who visit nearby beach.
[Station Information]
Tourist Spot and Attractions: Yuigahama Beach, Kamakura Museum of Literature
Station Staff: Unmanned
Shop: No
Coin locker: No
Public toilet: At the platform (No toilet for disabled person)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
Overlook of Yuigahama Beach.Yuigahama Beach has a wide sandy beach and close to the center of Kamakura, also known be to open a number of seaside resthouses and restaurants during the summer.

Kamakura Station 鎌倉

Kamakura Station
A Enoden train at Kamakura Station.Kamakura is well-known as Japan's historical tourists destination and also Enoden's east end station.
It is possible to transfer to JR Yokosuka Line for Yokohama, Tokyo and Yokosuka direction.

There is a frog in the end of railroad also in this station.
Habit of decorate a frog figurine began from here.

A rice field is aside of station platform and cultivates rice.
Halloween costumed frog on end of the railroad. Rice field aside of platform.
[Station Information]
JR Yokosuka Line for Yokohama, Tokyo, Chiba, Zushi, Yokosuka and Kurihama
Tourist Spot and Attractions:
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakuragu Shrine, Sugimotodera Temple, and more...
Shopping and eat local foods at Komachi-dori Street
See more detail info on around Kamakura Station Tourist spot guide
Station Staff: Always on duty
Shop: Souvenir shop and convenient store (Many shops around the station)
Coin locker / Temporary luggage storage:
  • Near the ticket gate (Inside of paid area)
  • On the right outside of the JR Line Station West Exit
  • Temporary luggage storage service offered by Kamakura City tourism association on the 4th floor of the building next to the left of Enoden Line Station exit.
    Opening hours: Everyday 9:00 - 17:00(5:00pm)
  • Price: 600 - 800yen per piece (depending on the size)
Public toilet: At the front of platform (Toilet for disabled person available)
Movement with the wheelchair: Possible
A Enoden train at Kamakura Station.In Kamakura Station, there is a large souvenir shops between platform and ticket gate.

This Enoden station located in West Exit [西口], opposite side of most of famous tourist spot such as "Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine" and shopping spot "Komachi-dori Street".

You can go East Exit side of the station by under-pass outside of the station
or pass through JR Line station by your Enoden Line ticket, One-day Pass and PASMO or Suica IC-card. How to do it? Please click above link that the type of ticket you use.

The nostalgic train Type 300

Enoden Type 300 trainThis old and nostalgic train is not only symbol of Enoden, it has also become an icon of Enoshima and Kamakura.
Since its birth in 1960, more than 50 years have continued running the area, and it appears on TV, movie, anime and etc. very frequently.

It had some renovation such as installation of air conditioner, but basically it keeps old style like wooden floor.
Front view of Type 300 train. Inside of Type 300 train.
Although this train is only 1 unit, you have a chance to ride and see it almost daily, except for maintenance day approximately once a week.
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