An award winning winter illumination of Enoshima

Shonan no Hoseki illumination at Sea Candle and Samuel Cocking Garden.
Every night of December to the middle of Febuary, Enoshima Island is colored with award winning outstanding large-scale illumination event in Japan.
This must-see lights up event is mainly held at Samuel Cocking Garden and other major places in and around Enoshima Island.

About the event

  • When: Every night until February 28 2022
  • 17:00 (5:00 pm) - 20:00 (8:00 pm) on weekdays and Dec.31- Jan.03
  • 17:00 - 21:00 (9:00 pm) on weekend and December 23 - December 30.
  • *From January 15, the starting time of lighting will be late by 30 minutes, it will be from 17:30(5:30 pm)
  • Admission: Free, but admission required to enter for Samuel Cocking Garden and Iwaya Caves.
  • *It might be cancelled in case of heavy snow or too strong windy night.
  • *Exhibit contents may vary depends on year.

Samuel Cocking Garden Entrance

Illuminated rose garden of Shonan no Hoseki Light-up event.
Garden entrance illumination in Enoshima.When you go through the entrance gate of Samuel Cocking Garden on top of Enoshima Island, a space with full of light spreads in front of you.
Lighting is spread around the rose garden, which is a few steps lower from the square. There is a place where you can enter into.
Illuminated rose garden and Sea Candle tower. Entrance gate and Sea Candle tower illumination.

Between the woods

Illuminated garden and trees on Shonan no Hoseki event.
Illuminated tower seeing from between trees.Proceed to the left from the entrance square and you will enter a forest zone with tall trees. Thousands of brilliant lights are colored and illuminated whole of the botanical garden.
Many tall tropical trees are also decorated with colorful lights and it looks like the huge monsters stands in dusk.

The illuminations are going on the deep into the woods and the forest turned into the sea of lights.
Deep forest looks like a sea of lights. Glass objects hung from trees.

Tunnel of Crystal

Entrance of Tunnel of Crystal.
Parallel to the forest, the blue-and -purple colored "Tunnel of Crystal" using 70,000 pieces of crystal beads appears between the garden and Sea Candle tower.
It is one of the most popular attraction with spectator every year.
Inside view of Tunnel of Crystal. Tunnel of Crystal and Sea Candle tower

Around Sea Candle tower

The fantastic view of Sea Candle tower from the garden.
During the period of the event, Sea Candle tower is also specially decorated with lights. It seems that brightness increases more than usual.
The illuminations hung from the 60-meter tower are a very beautiful and unique decoration that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Around the base of the tower, many stained glass objects are hanging from the trees and creating an slightly mysterious and extraordinary space.
Staind glass objects hung from trees around the tower base. Brilliant Sea Candle tower view from the upper terrace

Winter Tulip

Tulips are full bloom in winter.
At the entrance of the garden, colorful tulips are in full bloom in spite of the mid winter days that is the coldest season throughout the year.
From the middle of December to end of January, 20,000 tulips planted in the flower beds and displayed here.
It is specially brought up to bloom in the middle of cold days in the winter. These tulips continue blooming for 1 month.
Colorful tulip flowers bloom in the mid of winter. 20,000 tulip flowers welcomes visitor at the entrance.

At Kamegaoka Square

A square covered with lights.
In the back of the square full of illuminations, near the bench where you can see the sea, light objects with different designs are displayed every year, delighting visitors. At sunset, you can enjoy fantastic views together with Mt.Fuji and illuminated tower from the terrace.
Illumination of the square and Sea Candle tower. Fantastic view of Mt.fuji and illuminated Sea Candle tower at sunset.
From the beginning of February, cherry trees (Kawazu-zakura, a kind of cherry that bloom earlier than standard cherry) are bloom flowers. It might be the earliest cherry blossom illuminations [夜桜(Yozakura)] around Tokyo area.
Illuminated cherry blossoms in Enoshima on February. Illumination together with cherry blossoms can be seen in Enoshima on mid February.

At Nakatsumiya Square

Illuminated Nakatsumiya Square in winter.
It is a small square where is in between Enoshima Jinja Shrine Hetsunomiya and Nakatsunomiya Shrine. However, illumination of this square filled with golden lights is never small and boring.
Nakatsunomiya Square covered with golden colored lights. Illuminated path links the square and top of the island.

Oiwayamichi way

Illuminated historical pilgrimage way and Sea Candle tower.
The light path dive into the deep valley.Since Oiwayamichi way was added as one of the new venue of this illumination event in 2016, "The light path" appeared and it connects all the illuminaton spots in Enoshima Island.

"Yama-futatsu" deep valley that divide the island also light up during the period.
The line of the light dive into the deep valley is really impressive sight.

Okutsunomiya Shirine

Lighting using natural wood at Okutsunomiya Shrine.
Illumination around Okutsunomiya Shrine.Around the shrine located at farthest place on the island, illumination with lighting equipment using natural wood that matches the calm atmosphere is performed.

At Ryuren no Kane hill

Illumination display at "Ryuren no Kane" hill.
The lights leads you to the forest.Ryuren no Kane (Hill of Lover's bell) is lighted up such as red, purple, blue and more at regular intervals.
The lights placed in both sides of the narrow path leads you to the depths of the forest.

Enoshima Island Spa

Illumination display at "Ryuren no Kane" hill.
The lights leads you to the forest.From 2019, the unique weatern style buildng that stands at the entrance of Enoshima Island has joined as one of the illumination spots for the event.
The entrance area and terrace will be lit-up every night during the period.

Iwaya Caves

Illumination at Enoshima Iwaya Caves.
The 2nd Cave ceiling and part of the floor are specially lit up.
However, the period and time of illumination are different from other places. So be careful if you plan to visit.
  • 9:00 - 17:00 Everyday during the event period
  • Standard admission fee is required.
(*The photo is only image of the place. Actually, it is more brilliant than this.)

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Illumination at Enoshima Yacht Harbor.
The harbor that was the venue for sailing competitions at the 2020 Olympics will also be illuminated.
However, the period of illumination is different from other places.
  • 17:00 - 21:00 Everyday, Nov.23, 2021 - Jan.10, 2022
  • From Dec.23 to Dec.26, decorate some of the anchored yachts with illuminations as a Christmas-only event.

Enoshima Aquarium

Illuminated christmas tree at Enoshima Aquarium.
Sea creatures decoration of Enoshima Aquarium.Until last year, it was customary for Enoshima Aquarium to dispaly 6 meters high christmas tree "Aqua Tree" which themed sea creatures.
But this winter, it will be exhibiting a special illumination object every day until 21:00 (9:00pm) during the event period.

Shonan-Enoshima Station

Illuminated Shonan-Enoshima Station of Shonan-Monorail.
Illumination on the roof terrace at Shonan-Enoshima Station.Shonan-Enoshima Station of Shonan Monorail, illumination started on the roof terrace of a newly built station.

Enoshima Station

Illuminated Enoshima Station and dressed-up birds.
At Enoshima Station of Enoden Line, station building and platform are illuminated from 16:30 to 22:00(10:00 pm) every night until the mid of February, the same period of the event.
This light-up event has also held at Kamakura Koko Mae, Hase and Kamakura Station.
On the night of December 31(New Year's Eve), these illuminations turned on through the night.
Illuminated Enoshima station of Enoden Line. Christmas decoration around the gate of Enoshima Station.
Illuminated roof at Enoshima Station. Illuminations at the garden in Enoshima Station.

Kamakura Koko Mae Station

Illuminated Kamakura Koko Mae Station of Enoden Line.
A small unmanned station on the seaside with a famous railroad crossing is also decorated with illumination.
There is a secret to the illumination of the station, and there is one heart-shaped lighting somewhere. Why don't you try to find it while waiting for the train?
The another side of illuminated Kamakura Koko Mae station. Departing train from illuminated platform of Kamakura Koko Mae Station.

Hase Station

Illuminated Hase Station of Enoden Line.
This station that known as the closest station to some famous temples and the Great Buddha, the number of illuminations and the glitz are increasing year by year. Originally only the facade of the station building was decorated, but now it also extends to the roof of the both platform and incorporates special technology that makes the heart float on the bench.
Illumination of the platform of Hase Station A heart float on the bench.

Shichirigahama Station

Illuminated Shichirigahama Station of Enoden Line.
Here is one of the stations near the sea and famous surfing spot, where illumination is performed along the wall of the station in the image of windsurfing.

Kamakura Station

Illuminated Kamakura Station of Enoden Line.
At Kamakura Station, the gateway to the old city, is decorated with modest illuminations so as not to affect the surrounding atmosphere.
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