A way to Enoshima Island with a wonderful seascape

Overview of the beach, Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge and the island.
This bridge links Enoshima Island to Katase Town in Fujisawa City and it is the only way to go to there.
From the right side of the bridge, you can enjoy wonderfully sea and mountain view that include Japan's symbolic mountain Mount Fuji.

Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See vast oceanview including Mt.Fuji
  • See beautiful sunset
How far? (by walk)
  • 6 minutes (550m) from Katase-Enoshima Station of Odakyu Line
  • 10 minutes (850m) from Enoshima Station of Enoden Line
  • 12 minutes (940m) from Shonan-Enoshima Station of Shonan Monorail
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Katase-Enoshima Tourist Information Desk [藤沢市片瀬江の島観光案内所] (near the river and next to entrance of underpass)
When you are in case of emergency situation here, please see the page.

Go to the seaside

Enoshima Station and Shonan-Enoshima Station. If you come from Enoshima Station [江ノ島駅] of Enoden Line or Shonan-Enoshima Station [湘南江ノ島駅] of Shonan Monorail,
turn left at the station entrance and walk down Subana-Street, you will arrive to the seaside around 10 minutes.
However, you don't miss the fence in front of Enoshima Station! There are some small and cute birds wearing on hat and jacket to welcoming you.
Their clothes will be changed every month or two months.
Famous small bird in front of Enoshima Station. Dressed small birds in front of Enoshima Station.
Katase-Enoshima Station building.If you are from Katase-Enoshima Station [片瀬江ノ島駅] of Odakyu Line,
go straight and cross the river by a bridge. You can see the island on your right from here.

The exterior of the station is well-known for its interesting red-colored shrine style building. That is said that imitated a shrine or Ryugujo palace (undersea palace that appeared on old tale).

Pass the dragon's gate

Dragon shaped stone lanterns stainds like the gate.
Entrance of underpass to islandProbably, now you are in front of the seaside road. Go through this underpass to go to the seaside, even if you come from any station.

At the middle of the underpass, it separates to two direction.
Go straight to the island.
If you go to left, you can go to Katase Higashihama Beach.
When you exit the underpass, you can see 2 dragon-shaped stone lantern stands like a gatekeeper of the island. It's a symbol of entrance.
It was built in 2001 as a memorial of the 1450 anniversary since the island formed, according to old tale.
These lanterns will light on at night.
Dragon shaped lanterns and Mt.Fuji Lighted dragon shaped lanterns at night.

Bentenmaru ferry boat

Bentenmaru ferry boat and Mt.Fuji.
Bentenmaru ferry boat pier.There is a small pier at the riverside on your right.
The forward one is charter cruise by motorboat.
Another one is "Bentenmaru [べんてん丸]" ferry boat service to Chigogafuchi in Iwaya Cave area vice-versa.

It is possible to access to Iwaya area only 10 minutes. However, its operation is unscheduled and depends on weather.
(*It operates from 10:30 to 16:00 (4:00 pm) on weekend and holidays.)

Bentenmaru ferry boat sign.[One way Fare]
400Yen (For 12years old or older)
200Yen (For 6years old to 11years old)
Free (For 5years old or younger)

Mont Saint Michel in Japan??

Enoshima Island and the bridge.
Go further ahead, you will arrive at Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge.
On the right side of the foot of the bridge, there is a stone monument that says "Scenic place Enoshima". You can enjoy the panoramic view of the island from here.

The view of the island from here is very similar to Mont Saint Michel in France, it is said that an Frenchmen said around 100 years ago. Do you think so??
Seeing Mt.Fuji from the bridge.There is no obstacle around the 389 meters long bridge, it is possible to enjoy the views of the wonderfully vast sea and mountains, also magnificent view of Mt.Fuji on your right side.
Seeing Mt.Fuji on early morning in winter. Full view of Mt.Fuji on early morning in summer.
Also mountains of western Kanto region such as Tanzawa, Hakone and Izu Peninsula can be seen at sight from the bridge in the crystal-clear sky day. 

If you are lucky, you have a chance to see a group of seagulls flies by the bridge in winter.
Snow-capped Tanzawa Mountains and port. Seagulls fly over close to the bridge.
The bridge is also one of the best place to see beautiful sunset!
The sky and sea is going to change colors in every moment is beautiful beyond description.
A view from the bridge at dusk. Late afternoon sun and clowds above the island.
Orange colored sky and dark Mt.Fuji. Seeing illuminated Sea Candle lighthouse from the bridge.
Wave splash blown up to the bridge.However, here blows strong wind sometimes on windy day. Wave splash blown to the top of the bridge and may get wet.
Also please pay attention to your belongings is not blown off, when you cross the bridge on windy day.

Welcome to Enoshima!!

Blue sky and buildings of Enoshima.
When the buildings approached, you just finish crossing the bridge and entered to the island. There are many seafood restaurants and souvenir shops around this entrance of the island.
A seafood shop near the bridge. Crowded Nakamise street slope and Torii gate.
The way is divided into the 3 directions, turn left for Higashimachi and harbor, go straight for Enoshima Jinja Shrine and other spots via Nakamise Street and turn right for Enoshima Island Spa.
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