The scenic coast of western Kamakura

Oceanview from Shichirigahama
The adjacent Inamuragasaki Cape [稲村ヶ崎] and Shichirigahama Coast [七里ガ浜] are known as the most scenic coastal area in the western part of Kamakura City especially at sunset.
If you have enough time, it's not too far to next Inamuragasaki Station, so it is also recommended to get off Enoden train and walk along the sea while taking a cozy sea breeze.

Shichirigahama and Inamuragasaki sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • See beautiful seascape from seaside
  • See one of the most beautiful sunset in Japan together with Mount Fuji
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Couples / Anime fan
How far? (by walk)
From Shichirigahama Station
  • 3 minutes (165m) to seaside parking in Shichirigahama
  • 8 minutes (450m) to "Shichiko-dori"[七高通り] the long straight slope
  • 27 minutes (1.47km) to Inamuragasaki Cape via the coast
From Inamuragasaki Station
  • 7 minutes (400m) to seaside park in Inamuragasaki Cape
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Shichirigahama Station (*Odakyu Free Wi-Fi)
  • Inamuragasaki Station (*Odakyu Free Wi-Fi)
  • 7-11 (Convenient Store)
  • Ocean Glide (near eastern seaside of 7-11 in Shichirigahama)
  • Easysurf (Surf shop /western seaside from the river in Shichirigahama)
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Popular sunset viewing spot in Kamakura

Ocean-view together with Enoshima and Mt.Fuji in Shichirigahama.
When you walk few minutes from Shichirigahama Station and cross the seaside road, you can go to the wide seaside parking and Shichirigahama Coast. From here to Inamuragasaki, it is famous and popular coast to seeing beautiful sunset by young people. At dusk of the weekend, the parking and the coast may crowded with many people.
Car park in Shichirigahama. Ocean and Enoshima Island view from Shichirigahama
The coast here is a beautiful white sand, but waves are rough because of the terrain, so swimming is prohibited. However, here is famous as a surfing spot, you can see the person who ride the wave on the weekend.
There are several famous restaurants near Shichirigahama Station and along the seaside road.
The seashore under Shichirigahama parking A drive-in restaurant stands in the parking

The scenic long slope

View from the top of the long slope in Shichrigahama.
When you looking at the mountainside from the seaside parking, you will find a long straight slope sandwiched a school and a hotel that called as "Shichiko-dori" [七高通り]. It is a steep slope that makes you feel short of breath when you walk to the top of the road, but wonderful ocean view can be seen around here from the top.
The entrance of long slope in Shichirigahama. Ocean-view with Enoden train from the top of the long straight slope.
[Important Notice]
The left side of lower half of the slope is private area of Shichirigahama High School. So, please do not enter the school and its private area.
Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Shichirigahama.As you go further on the top of the slope, you will enter the promenade in the center of the residential area of Shichirigahama.
In this "Sakura no Promenade", there is a row of big and old cherry trees along the promenade. In the period of full bloom, at the beginning of April, is really beautiful.
Also there is a famous curry specializing restaurant "Sangosho" [珊瑚礁].

The cape that led the Kamakura Shogunate to the end

Sunset view in Inamuragasaki Cape.
Inamuragasaki Cape is another famous scenic coast especially at sunset, not only in Kamakura but also throughout Japan. In the late afternoon, many people come here and enjoy the superb fantastic scenery of Enoshima and Mount Fuji with the glistening sea by the reflection of the setting sun. But the cape is also the place to lead the Kamakura Shogunate Government to extinction in 1333.

Nitta Yoshisada [新田義貞] who was erected to defeat the Kamakura Shogunate, was forced to stuck because of the topography of Kamakura City like a natural fortress surrounded by mountains in 3 direction.
He tried invasion from a nearby road in Gokurakuji but failed, so he attempted to invade Kamakura through the cape using the low tide of the sea. Succeeded by this strategy, the Kamakura Shogunate led to the end in a fight of only 15 days by unexpected situation that would break through the defense network.

Sand of the coast near around looks black, because of it contains many iron sand.
When you see the cape from the coast, you can see a lateral hole in the middle of sea cliff, this was made for the base construction during World War II.
Illuminated Enoshima with Mount Fuji. Overview of Inamuragasaki Cape.
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