Kamakura Koko Mae - the stage of many Animes & movies

Sunset scenery in Katase Nishihama Beach with Mt.Fuji.
Kamakura Koko Mae Station [鎌倉高校前駅] is an small seaside station in mountainous residential area and its name comes from "Kamakura High School" near here.
However, even here is not a sightseeing spot, not a few people visit the station everyday, not only countrywide of Japan but also worldwide.
Because here is the place that appears on many TV dramas, movies, comics and animes as a location of the stories.

Kamakura Koko Mae sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Experience and feel like become an character, at the same place and scenery on anime, drama or movie works
  • See beautiful seascape from seaside
  • See beautiful sunset
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Friends / Anime fan
How far? (from Kamakura Koko Mae Station, by walk)
  • 2 minutes (120m) to famous seaside railroad crossing
  • 5 minutes (160m) to the seaside (*Waiting time for traffic light included.)
  • 4 minutes (260m) to nearest shop and drink vending machines
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Kamakura Koko Mae Station (*Odakyu Free Wi-Fi)
When you are in case of emergency situation here, please see the page.

Unique vast ocean-view seen from the classical platform

Kamakura Koko Mae Station platform.
When you get off and see off a Enoden train at the platform, the vast sea and sky spread out in front. It seems very classical and outdated platform because of most of structures are made by wood, but it's really good atmosphere.
A Enoden train in Kamakura Koko Mae Station. Entrance of Kamakura Koko Mae Station.
Enoden train runs on every 12-minute for each direction to this small station where both the sky and the sea were dyed with only blue. However, the bus operated only twice a day in the morning.
Kamakura Koko Mae Station and Enoden train. Neighboring residents strolling the shore in the afternoon.
Late afternoon seaview from the platformAt late afternoon, it is possible to see the setting sun over the island from the platform.

The most famous railroad crossing in Japan

Most famous railroad crossing in Japan.
It is called as Slam Dunk railroad crossing. If you go straight out from the station, You can see a railroad crossing where has only the sky and the sea over there, on the right side.
Here is the place that appeared on lot of anime, movie, drama and more... , especially it is known by an anime work "Slam Dunk".

[The works that the station has appeared as a stage.]
  • SLAM DUNK (Manga / Anime)
  • Aoi hana (Manga / Amine)
  • Tsuritama (Anime)
  • TARI TARI (Anime)
  • Hanayamata (Manga / Anime)
  • Umimachi Diary (Manga / Movie)
  • Promotion video of some musicians (Tube, Yuzu, etc.)
Here is always crowded by tourists in recent years, but there are many traffic. Watch your around carefully!
[Important request to travellers]
Some travellers from overseas visited and entered into Kamakura High School without permission in recent years. We understand you want to see the place that became the location of your favorite anime or movie works, but, please never enter the school and private area!

Around the station

Afternoon seaview at the shore near Kamakura Koko Mae station.
Currently, the back shore of the seaside road seems like an construction site. But, if you cross the railroad and the road, there is a downstairs to the small sand beach.
It is possible to see panoramic view with mountains of Izu Peninsula, Oshima Island and Miura Peninsula on a clear day.

Especially in the late afternoon, you will enjoy a beautiful scenery of Enoshima with the glistening sea by the reflection of the setting sun.
It is able to see Enoshima and top of Mt.Fuji at the seaside of Kamakura Koko Mae. Enoshima in twilight seeing from KamakuraKoko Mae.
A train passing between houses and the sea.There are some small road from the seaside to mountainside.
It is possible to see a different scene from popular one in the area.
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