Katase - Nichiren's miracle site and gateway of Enoshima

2 major local symbol of Katase Town, Enoden train and Ryukoji Temple.
A residential area spread out in the inland of Katase Beaches, but there is an old and historical place Ryukoji temple.
Here is only enter a little inland from the seaside, but the atmosphere so called as seaside town is not felt, except that there are many seafood restaurants.

There are many good restaurants, bakery and interesting shops in this area.

Katase Town sightseeing guide

Where to go & What to do?
  • Visit historical site Ryukoji Temple
  • See Enoden train running the road along with cars
  • Eat local seafoods and etc. at restaurants and cafe
  • Try local foods and sweets at the shops
  • See and Join the local traditional festival
  • Especially recommended for... Families / Photographers
How far? (to Ryukoji Temple, by walk)
  • 14 minutes (760m) from Katase-Enoshima Station
  • 5 minutes (270m) from Enoshima Station and Shonan-Enoshima Station
  • 7 minutes between Ryukoji Temple and end of Koshigoe Shopping Street (near Koshigoe Station)
Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Fujisawa City Tourist Center [藤沢市観光センター] (near the river on the seaside road)
  • Enoshima Station (*Odakyu Free Wi-Fi)
  • Katase-Enoshima Station (*Odakyu Free Wi-Fi)
  • LAWSON (Shop /Subana Street)
  • Furyutei (Subana Street)
  • KALAE (Subana Street)
  • Jumbo Pet Land (Shop /Behind of Enoshima Station)
  • Katase Kobo (Shop /near Ryukoji Temple and Enoden Monaka shop)
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3 gateway stations

Katase-Enoshima Station
Katase Town is the gateway to Enoshima Island and there are 3 stations of different railways.
Enoshima Station [江ノ島駅] of Enoden Line and Shonan-Enoshima Station [湘南江ノ島駅] of Shonan Monorail are located in inland approximately 10 minute walk from seaside.
Enoshima Station. Shonan-Enoshima Station.
And another one is Katase-Enoshima Station [片瀬江ノ島駅] of Odakyu Line that located in near Katase Nishihama Beach.

Unique shrine style building of Katase-Enoshima Station.This biggest station in the area was well-known for its interesting red-colored shrine style building. That is said that imitated a shrine or Ryugujo palace (undersea palace that appeared on old tale "Urashima Taro"). However, this one of the iconic building of Enoshima is gone already and the new station building opened in 2020.
There are many decorations inside and outside the new building, such as goddess, dragons and creatures related to the island.
The sculpture of dragon and wave at Katase-Enoshima Station. The painting of the goddess at Katase-Enoshima Station.
The sculpture of dolphin at Katase-Enoshima Station. The sculpture of turtle at Katase-Enoshima Station.
There are some shops and restaurants in front of the station, such as Hawaiian style burger shop "KUA'AINA", seafood restaurant & cafe & bar "Nekonchi [ねこん家]", western food restaurant "Katase Shokudo [カタセ食堂]"

The small street links all the stations and the sea

The long sand beach and Mt.Fuji under the blue sky.
Subana Street links mountainside and beachside, and also 3 stations in the town. Because of it is major route to go to Enoshima Island and Katase Higashihama and Nishihama, so the street is busy and crowded by tourist.
Sweets shops, bakery, restaurants, souvenir shops, accommodations and so on are lined both side of the street.
Gutter cover in Subana street is relief of wind surfing.It will be fun when you look carefully in the step at the street.
You can find some interesting plates buried in the road surface and rare-shaped gutter cover.

Ditch cover is relief of wind surfing.
Some plates drawn ancient travellers to Enoshima and others drawn surf boards to indicate direction.
A plate drawn ancient worshippers. Surf boards and wave drawn direction signboard.
A road to Koshigoe and Ryukoji Temple.If you walk the road that lies between stations of Enoden Line and Shonan Monorail, you can go to the direction to Ryukoji Temple and Koshigoe.

Nichiren's holy site Ryukoji Temple

Ryukoji Temple main building
Entrance gate of Ryukoji Temple.After a few minutes walk, you will see a big gate on your left.
This is the well known historical and a holy site for Nichiren Sect (one of the major Buddhism sect in Japan), Ryukoji Temple [龍口寺].

  • [Opening Hours] 9:00 - 16:00 (4:00 pm)
  • [Admission] Free
  • [Movement with wheelchair] Possible from the right side slope
  • Official site
When you visit the gate and look up the ceiling, you will find a dragon. Also you can find another dragon at the roof of main building. The temple's name "Ryuko" means dragon's head.
In the local old legend, a dragon which lived in this neighborhood ends life, and it became a mountain that is behind the temple.
There was the head of dragon in this place. Old name of the area "Tatsunokuchi" also means dragon's head.
A dragon painted on the ceiling of the gate A wooden relief of the dragon in the main building.
A train passing entrance of Ryukoji Temple.The road that faces of the entrance gate of Ryukoji Temple is known by Enoden train passes through with the sharpest curved railroad in Japan.
Also here is used at the time of local festival as a meeting point of "Mikoshi" (a portable shrine) and "Dashi" (traditional wooden festival float), and it is known that cherry blossoms are seen in spring.
A Enoden train passing aside of the gate of Ryukoji Temple. Festival floats gets together in front of the temple.
Precincts of Ryukoji Temple.Originally, there was a prison here during Kamakura era. In September 12, 1272 Buddhist monk Nichiren (the founder of Nichiren Sect) was imprisoned by Kamakura Shogunate for having misunderstood his book with government criticism.

At the midnight of following day, he suddenly condemned the death penalty without an investigation by the Kamakura Shogunate government.

A cave used as prison in Kamakura period.Approximately 2:00 am, just at that time the punishment is attempted, suddenly a bright light flew from the direction of Enoshima Island. The officials who saw it were scared and trembling.
For this reason, the punishment for him has been canceled permanently and he was freed.
Later, one of Nichiren's disciples built a temple here, is become current Ryukoji Temple.

The cave that was used as the prison have been preserved in the precincts of the temple.
Do you know?
How to worship at the temple
Stand at in front of offertory box.
First, throw a coin into the offertory box.
Next, Fold your hands and bow. (Do not clap your hands!)
Finally, Recite a wish in your mind.
The event that to be derived from this story "Tatsunokuchi-Honan-e"[龍ノ口御法難会] has been held on September 11 to 13 every year.
Manto Nerikuyo festival held on the evening of September 12 is the climax of the festival. Precinct has been covered with exciting dance having "Matoi" flag and loud drum and bell sounds at the event night.
Crowded entrance of Ryukoji Temple on the festival night. Precincts of the temple in full of excitement.
A five storied wooden tower in Ryukoji Temple.In the precincts of the temple, there is a 5 storied wooden tower (called as "Goju no To" in Japanese).
And there is a white stupa on top of the mountain.
It is possible to see the island from here.

This old temple is a venue of "Tatsunokuchi Take-toro" summer illumination event that is held on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of August.

On 3rd sunday of every month, there is an antique market held in the precincts.
Ryukoji temple has wide precincts include the mountain. View from white stupa on top of the mountain.

A wall that has embedded a train

Opposite from Ryukoji Temple and across the road and railroad, you will find a shop that the train is embedded in the wall.
This shop is known by "Enoden Monaka"[江ノ電もなか] (Monaka is sweet red bean paste sandwich) manufacturer "Oogiya"[扇屋] Japanese sweets shop.

This embedded train was operated in Enoden Line during 1970 and 1990.
Enoden Monaka shop is facing on the railroad. Old train embedded in the shop wall.
At the right next door to the shop, there is a popular ice cream shop and cafe "The Market SE1". So it is like a "Sweets Corner" that you can taste the sweets of the West and Orient here.
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