Light up the Enoshima's hot summer night

The street that lit-up by traditional style lanterns.
During every night from July 17 to August 31, the light of 1,000 lanterns illuminate the major tourist spots on Enoshima Island gently.
In this Enoshima Toro lantern festival [江の島灯籠] , it displays various lanterns different depending on the area, so you can enjoy various night views at a time.
It is the valuable opportunity when you can experience the Japanese tradition and wisdom, that are going to spend even hot night of the mid-summer comfortably and pleasantly.
On first Saturday and Sunday of August during the period, another summer illumination event using 5,000 pieces of bamboo lanterns "Tatsunokuchi Take-toro [龍ノ口竹灯籠]" is also held in Ryukoji Temple. (*Holding the event in 2021 is under consideration.)

A small fireworks display is held on mid of August in Katase Nishihama Beach, 20 minutes from 19:00. (*Holding the event in 2021 is under consideration.)

About the festival

  • When: Every night from July 17 to August 31, 18:00 to 20:30 (6:00pm - 8:30pm)
  • Where: Major tourist spots on Enoshima Island
  • Admission: Basically free. Admission required to enter for Samuel Cocking Garden and Enoshima Iwaya Caves
  • It might be cancelled in case of rainy or too strong windy night.

At Zuishinmon tower gate

Projection mapping at Zuishinmon tower gate
Another scene of the illumination at Zuishinmon tower gateIn 2021, for the first time ever, projection mapping illumination will be held at the gate.
It consists of four scenes based on legends from the island and one scene featuring a yacht and the sea.

At Enoshima Jinja Shrine (Hetsumiya)

Lanterns illuminate Hetsumiya main shrine.
Lanterns on display at Enoshima Jinja ShrineThe popular tourist spot Enoshima Jinja Shrine where is crowded with many visitors during the daytime, When it is night, the atmosphere changes dramatically.
The decoration of the roof is lit up with the light and shines to gold, and the building emerges splendidly from the night dark.

At Nakatsunomiya Shrine

Lit-up Nakatsumiya Jinja Shrine and lanterns.
Night-view of Nakatsumiya Jinja Shrine.Nakatsunomiya Shrine, the most brilliant colored shrine building in Enoshima Island is brilliant more vividly by an effect of the illumination.

At Samuel Cocking Garden

In Samuel Cocking Garden, here displays the revolving lanterns that drawn a scene of the old tale of Enoshima. And also there is a special "Kage-e" ([影絵] Shadow play, a Japan's traditional children's play) exhibition is held during the event period.
You can see and play the shadow play in large screen.
Enoshima Kage-e Hiroba [江の島かげ絵ひろば]
You can experience "Kage-e" in large screen at the square near Sea Candle tower. Every night, 18:00 - 20:00 (6:00pm-8:00pm)
Enoshima Bali Sunset
A stage event where the orchestra coming from Bali Island in Indonesia shows off traditional dancing gamelan. On Aug.18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), From 16:00 - 19:30 at Sea Candle tower event stage.
Kage-e no Yoru live theater [影絵の夜]
Special Kage-e movie and music live event will be held on Aug.25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun), From 18:00 -19:30 at Sea Candle tower event stage.

At Kamegaoka Square

Lanterns and illumination display at Kamegaoka Square at night
Large lanterns are displayed At Kamegaoka Square, one of the popular viewing spot, and shows a different sight from daytime.
This place is also one of few places where you can see lanterns and lighted-up Sea Candle tower together.
Lanterns and Sea Candle in the daytime. Kage-e shadow play style lanterns are lined in Kamegaoka Square.

At Oiwayamichi pilgrimage way

Various lanterns are lined and illuminate the old wooden house cafe.
Lanterns and Sea Candle at dusk in Enoshima.Thanks to this Oiwayamichi pilgrimage way runs straight to the east and west, you can see the lanterns lined up far away.
In addition, the atmospheric appearance with the combination old wooden buildings and lanterns can enjoy the time early at night.
Lanterns lit up small alley. Row of lanterns which seem to show a way to the sky.

At Yama-futatsu Valley

Lanterns lluminate the deep valley in dark night.
By lanterns placed at the stairs, it is clearly visible pitch difference of this deep Yama-futatsu Valley. From the middle of stairs here, you can see the figure of illuminated Sea Candle.
Lanterns and Sea Candle illuminate the way. An old house lit-up by both modern and traditional illuminations.

Near Okutsunomiya Shrine

Lanterns which was displayed on both sides of the way orderly.
The lanterns in this neighborhood of Okutsunomiya Shrine, that drawn the scenes of the old tale of the island, are lined on both sides of the way. It is more colorful than the other places.
Lanterns that drawn the scenes of the old tale of the island. A cat resting aside of a lantern.

At Okutsunomiya Shrine

Illuminated Okutsumiya Jinja Shrine.
Lanterns and Sea Candle at dusk in Enoshima."Okutsumiya" the oldest and original shrine in Enoshima Island is simple building with a little decoration that the samurai preference.
The shrine is also illuminated during the event period.
The statue of the dragon that is on Wadatsumi no Miya Shrine also illuminated with multi-colored light.
Lanterns are lined in the precincts of Okutsumiya Shrine. The statue of the dragon is also illuminated.

Near Iwaya Caves

An illuminated bridge near Iwaya Cave.
There is no lantern in this Iwaya Caves area because of the seaside and windy place. But a bridge to Iwaya Caves is lit up with the beautiful blue color illumination that imaged the light of the noctiluca. And also lanterns are lined inside of Iwaya Caves.
However, the end of the light up event of the area is earlier than other place. Turn off at 19:30 normally.
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