Relax your body and mind in a magnificent ocean views

Overview of Enoshima Island Spa buildings.
Did you know that there are natural hot springs on Enoshima? The luxurious spa facilities "Enoshima Island Spa" owns only the island's natural hot spring, located at the entrance of Enoshima Island.
Enoshima Island Spa is one of the few modern spots and the only fully-serviced relaxation facility on the island among the well-visited historical tourist sites.

The facility comprises of two buildings, an ocher Western-style building that houses a spa, in-house seafood restaurant and cafe, as well as a Japanese-style building with restaurants, various snack bars and souvenir.

How about capping off your adventure on Enoshima Island by relaxing in front of a magnificent landscape, relieving fatigue from the active day of island hiking while eating healthy and delicious foods made with local ingredients? All is possible at Enoshima Island Spa.

General Information of Enoshima Island Spa

Where to Go & What to Do?
  • See a fantastic panoramic view of the ocean and Mt.Fuji.
  • Enjoy and relax in the hot springs and spapools.
  • Experience massages from trained professionals.
  • Highly recommended for... Families / Friends / Couples
Opening Hours
  • 10:00 to 22:00(10:00pm), March - November
  • 11:00 to 21:00(9:00pm), December - February
* Admission for Spa area ends 1 hour before closing time.
* May close early when severe weather forecasted.
  • One Day Spa (Full day 10:00 - Closing)
    • 2,750Yen+tax for Adult
    • 1,400Yen+tax for Elementary School Children
  • Night Spa (18:00(6:00pm)- Closing)
    *Available everynight from October to June, weekdays from July to September.
    • 1,650Yen+tax for Adult
    • 1,200Yen+tax for Elementary School Children
* Rental fee for towels, clothing for spa are included.
* Can use your own swimwear at the pool area.
 (If you don't have your own swimwear, rental ones are available with an additional charge of 500 yen+tax.)

*The above admission fee is not required if you only use the treatment spa "Beng Teng Spa", the massage salon "Yumemi", the "Island Grill" restaurant, or the "Enoshima Cafe" and Sushi restaurants or snack bars in the annex building.
How to get there
  • 10 minutes walk (0.9km) from Katase-Enoshima Station on Odakyu Line
  • 17 minutes walk (1.2km) from Enoshima Station on Enoden Line
  • 20 minutes walk (1.3km) from Shonan-Enoshima Station on Shonan Monorail
    *Free shuttle service available between Enoshima Island Spa and these 3 train stations.
    *By car, there are 4 associated parking lots on the island, and if you spend 10,000 yen or more at the spa, parking is free for up to 4 hours.
Important Notice
  • For safety reasons, due to the depth of the pools and bathtubs, preschooler are not allowed.
  • Elementary School Children are not allowed on Sundays.
  • People with tattoos or henna on the skin are not allowed.
  • Temporary leave of the spa is not allowed, Departure will be treated as end of use.
  • Cameras, mobile phones and smartphones can be used only on the rooftop floor and in front of the front desks. They can not be used other places inside the building.
  • There is no free Wi-Fi spot.
For more details or information (admission fee, opening hours etc.), please visit theofficial Enoshima Island Spa site.

The Entrance and Check-In

Green Torii gate and Enoshima Island Spa building
The entrance of Enoshima Island Spa is right next to Green Torii gate standing at the starting point of Enoshima's main street "Nakamise Street". There is another entrance of facing the Nakamise Street slopes.

As you experience Enoshima Island Spa, take a look at some of nods it has to Enoshima Island such as the dragon-shaped streetlights from the legend of the island, the Beng Teng Spa named after famous goddess who lived on the island, the cave pool inspired by Enoshima Iwaya Caves, and the hot stones from the spa treatment area that have individually been blessed at the Enoshima Jinja Shrine!

When entering the building, you'll encounter the reception counter and receive guidance based on the services you wish to use.
There is also a currency exchange machine available in case you need Japanese Yen on hand.
If you choose to go to the spa, treatment spa area or restaurant, be sure to take off your shoes and leave them in a locker first, then check in at the main counter. Your payments will all be settled together when you make your departure from the building.
When using the spa, you'll also receive amenities such as towels and clothes for the spa. (See below)
The entrance of Enoshima Island Spa The dragon shaped streetlinghts
Reception counter of Enoshima Island Spa Check-in / Check-out counter
When using the spa and treatment spa area, you can change your clothes in the locker room on the 3rd floor. If you only wish to use the restaurant, go to the 4th floor by the elevators.

Indoor Pool Area (2nd Floor)

A large, bright and sunny pool of Enoshima Island Spa
The spa area is divided into 3 floors. There are 2 co-ed floor spas (swimwear must be worn) and separate Onsen area (hot springs area) for men and women on the 3rd floor.

The indoor pools on the 2nd floor has a large, bright and sunny pool that is often used for exercise "Ten yo sen [天陽泉]" in the center, with the sunlight shining down through the domed windows. The pool itself has a depth of 1.2 meters that's suitable for walking and exercising. You can also listen to music that has healing effects by immersing your ears in the water.

Next to the pool, there are 4 types baths where you can enjoy different bathing methods.
  • Acchu sen [圧注泉] - a jet water pressured tub.
  • Kutsurogi sen [寛ぎ泉] - you can lie down in a chair and while taking a bath.
  • Kihou sen [気泡泉] - a jacuzzi that warms the body with ultrasonic waves popping from the bubbles.
  • Saidan sen[採暖泉] - a bath that warms the body to boost blood circulation and reduces fatigue.
Dome window A view of 2nd floor pool of Enoshima Island Spa

Outdoor Pool Area (2nd Floor)

Great ocean view from the outdoor pool of Enoshima Island Spa
View of Mt. Fuji and ocean from outdoor pool.The outdoor pool area is a 23.5 meters long pool facing the western sea. If the skies are clear, you can enjoy the majestic Mt. Fuji and the wide-open blue land and seascapes from sky to sea.

The views of the sea and Mt. Fuji while immersed in this pool are truly spectacular views that aren't seen anywhere else. It's a must-see when you visit Enoshima Island Spa on a good weather day.
The water temperature of the pool is adjusted to the season, so it is not extremely hot nor cold once you take a dip.
Resort-like pool view The building and outdoor pool of Enoshima Island Spa
West sea and mountains view of Outdoor pool area Ovreview of Enoshima Island Spa and the bridge.
This area is closed from early December until the end of February due to winter season. However, it is specially opened for the first three days of the new year (January 1st - 3rd), so you can enjoy the wonderful view in the heated pool.

Cave Area (1st Floor)

Inside view of Cave-style bath of Enoshima Island Spa
When you go down to the 1st floor, there is a cave bath inspired by the Iwaya Caves, the birthplace of Enoshima Island. There is also a waterfall located in this area where hot water flows (normal temperature water in summer).
Furthermore, there is an outdoor bathtub where you can lie down and look up at the sky. While listening to the sound of the ocean waves here, you will be able to relax both physically and mentally in the vast daytime sky or under a twinkling starry night sky.
Cave-style bath Indoor pool in Cave area of Enoshima Island Spa
Ocean-view of outdoor cave bath area A low temerature sauna
Also there is a low-temperature sauna located on this floor, it has an event called "auf-guss" that sprinkles water with aroma oil five times a day. (It takes one time for 10 minutes.)

Hot Spring "Fujimiyu" (3rd Floor)

Mt. Fuji seeing from onsen-style bath in Enoshima Island Spa
On the 3rd floor, there is an Onsen Japanese-style bath "Fujimi yu [富士海湯]" using a natural sodium-chloride spring that flows through Enoshima from 1,500 meters (approx. 0.93 miles) underground.
It is said to be effective in healing cuts, peripheral circulation disorders, hypersensitivities to cold, depression, dry skin and more. Even if you feel the temperature is a little low while bathing, your body will warm up as time goes on, and at last when you get out of the bath, you will continue to perspire for a while.

The facilities of this bath are separated for men and women. Feel free to shed the swimwear and take a bath in the buff!

Special treat for men! From the men's bath window, there is a chance to see Mt. Fuji over the seas if the weather is nice.
Inside of Male onsen-style bath Inside of female onsen-style bath
Ocean view from the bath. Instruction of How to take a Japanese style bath.
At the entrance of the bath, there is an instruction notice titled, "How to take a Japanese style bath" written in four languages including English, allowing you to experience the authentic way Japanese people take baths.
Instruction of Medical spa therapy In addition, a way and advice of the bathing depending on the purpose that wants to be improved are displayed here.

Enoshima Island Spa is one of the 22 hot springs facilities used to promote good health in Japan that has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. (As of July 2019)

This means they are certificated to provide advice to you on how to alleviate certain lifestyle health issues through way of hot spring bathing.

Treatment Spa "Beng Teng Spa" (4th Floor)

A treatment room of Beng Teng spa in Enoshima Island Spa
"Beng Teng Spa", is also located in the main facility of Enoshima Island Spa on the 4th floor.
There is a legend of a beautiful goddess "Beng Teng" [a.k.a. Benzaiten, 弁財天] who lived on Enoshima Island and awakened the dragon god who had done many wrongs and tormented the inhabitants in the past. Beng Teng changed his behavior and turned him into a local guardian of the Island and neighboring village.
The treatment spa is based on this legend, using "Holy", "Healing", and "Health" to transform the mind, body and skin in a natural and traditional way using hot springs, and spa therapy to enhance natural healing powers encouraging health and beauty.
Another style of treatment room of Beng Teng spa Hawaii themed treatment room in Beng Teng Spa
One of treatment room of Beng Teng Spa British-style treatment room
There are 8 treatment rooms in various styles (Balinese, Hawaiian, Japanese, European and Chinese). Especially at the "Lotus Room", it has stone floors that enhance the therapeutic effect on the floor.
Some rooms have enough space for two. Making it is possible for wife and husband or couples to receive treatment at the same time.
Fukuishi therapy stone used in the spaThe stones used for the treatment at the spa are special stone names "Fukuishi [福石]" (meaning lucky stone).
These stones were actually blessed on at Enoshima Jinja Shrine for the good luck, beauty and health for the guests, and purify with moonlight on every full moon.
Opening Hours & Notice
  • 11:00 to 21:00 (9:00pm), March - November
  • 11:30 to 20:45 (7:45pm), December - February
*Admissions ends 1 hour before facility closing time.
*The Beng Teng Spa annual membership fee (1,000 yen+tax) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.
*It's desirable to make a reservation before use.
*On the day of the treatment, you will get free admission to all Enoshima Island Spa facilities (only when combined with Beng Teng Spa treatments for 60 minutes or more).
*Not available for children under 16 years old.
For more details or information about treatment plans and pricing, please visit the official Beng Teng Spa site.
Member lounge of Beng Teng Spa View from Beng Teng spa member lounge

Massage Salon "Yumemi" (2nd Floor)

Treatment room of Yumemi Massage clinic in Enoshima Island Spa
Relaxation space in Enoshima Island spa"Yumemi" the only massage clinic on Enoshima Island that has a reputation for its relaxation effect on the body by use of hands, not by machine. Every treatment is specially tailored to the needs of each customer.
Because of such reputation, all of the customers who receive the massage after their long day hiking the island, noticed a relaxing difference to their weary legs, body, back and shoulders, were travelers from abroad.

Alleviating fatigue, adjusting sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, promoting lymphatic flow and blood circulation, adjusting posture and body balance, and even visceral fatigue can be adjusted by their massage.
It is possible to decide on a plan by combining the symptoms you wish to improve as noticed by the customer, as well as ones noticed by the masseuse for body, foot or even face.

When I experienced it, my feet were of fatigued and the masseuse noticed it too and performed a small massage of my body, tired shoulders and back that had been seriously damaged. I was surprised at all pain areas they pointed so I selected a massage plan based on the masseuse's advice.
-Photographer of Enoshima Breeze-

It is often thought that massages require an endurance of pain, but that's a huge misunderstanding, and we would encourage you to point out any feeling of pain, as the masseuse can moderate the power.

For more details or information about massage plans and pricing, please visit the official "Yumemi" Shiatsu Salon site.

Ocean-view Seafood Restaurant & Cafe "Island Grill" (4th Floor)

Ocean view from Island Grill restaurant in Enoshima Island Spa
At "Island Grill" Restaurant and Cafe on the 4th floor, you can enjoy wonderful views of the western sea of Sagami Bay and the mountains of Mt.Fuji and Hakone from the large windows facing the ocean. Eat and drink in an atmosphere full of an openness unlike any other place on Enoshima Island.

The specialty dishes of this restaurant are based around the fish caught in Sagami Bay, the sea that spreads out below. In addition, on the island where there are many restaurants offering Japanese food, but the Island Grill restaurant offers a few authentic European and American style dishes. Also, because of the restaurant is located in a spa facility, each dish is cooked with health and beauty in mind.
Inside view of Island Grill restaurant Another inside view of Island Grill restaurant
Signboard of "fish of the day" Decoration of Island Grill restaurant
Sea imaged accessories of Island Grill restaurant Window side seat of Island Grill restarant
When in the restaurant, the spacious ocean view seen through the large windows accompanied with accessories and decorations that showcase the sea wherever you look, giving you the illusion of being underwater.
Sitting at the window seats on a clear, sunny day and dining in front of the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji over the sea will be a luxurious and memorable moment seen only from this place. In the evening, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset and while at night, you can enjoy the night view of the city sparkling like a starry sky. There's no wrong time of day to come in and enjoy a meal.
Fantastic Mt. Fuji view from the table of Island Grill restaurant
The placemats on the table have a description of the scenery of the mountains and the island as seen from the window. Some people take these home with them as a keepsake.
The signature dishes are served with a 30-dish buffet featuring items such as salads and soups to accompany your main seafood dish.
Seafood Main Dish with Fresh Salad Buffet: 3,500yen+tax per person
*You can choose the fish of the main dish as well as flavor.
The seafood used for the main dish is caught the morning of the day it's cooked and sent directly from the Sagami Bay fishing port, right outside of the restaurant. The vegetables used in the buffet dishes are also locally grown wherever possible and cooked fresh.
Seafood main dish of Island Grill restauran in Enoshima Island Spa Fresh vegetables salad
Side dishes of buffet Another side dishes of buffet
Guests can choose from 4 kinds of fish and 2 flavors. (*It may change depending on the availability of fish on that day.)
In the photo above, there is a fresh cooked-to-order Japanese seabass, or Suzuki, covered in a garlic butter seasoning recommended by the chef.
The seasoning of the dishes are mild and you can feel the taste and texture of each of the fish and vegetables. Their chefs are confident in the freshness of the ingredients, as well as their techniques in cooking methods. In addition, the fish are thickly sliced, topping a hearty serving of seasonal vegetables and mushrooms.
The buffet dishes include salads, Japanese and other side dishes, vegetable dishes, 2 kinds of soups, 2 kinds of rice, bread and desserts.
Some of the dishes are special health-conscious items supervised by a licensed dietitian. They are labelled, "Healthy Menu [ヘルシーメニュー]." As seen in the photo.
Dishes using local grown vegetables are also labeled with clearly. As seen in the photo.

For more details or information about the menu and price, please visit the official "Island Grill" Restaurant & Cafe site.

Sundial Garden (Rooftop)

Ocean view with Mt. Fuji from the rooftop of Enoshima Island Spa building
On the rooftop of Enoshima Island Spa building, there is an observatory "Sundial Garden" that overlooks the surrounding sea and from Izu Peninsula to Shichirigahama in Kamakura including Mt. Fuji and Hakone.
Here, it is allowed to use mobile phones, smartphones or cameras, to capture the same beautiful and majestic scenery as you've seen in the spa area.
A separate smoking space is also available.
Landside view from the rooftop View of Mt. Fuji over the sea from the rooftop of Enoshima Island Spa

Cafe "Enoshima Cafe" (1st Floor)

Enoshima Cafe overview.
There is a cafe "Enoshima Cafe" in the center of the first floor.
The taste of original blend of “Enoshima Coffee” is less bitter and easy to drink.
Cafe Latte is made by grinding beans one by one after receiving an order.
Original soft ice cream with coffee is a popular item. In addition, there are soft drink, beer and original dishes of the month.
Food menu of Enoshima Cafe Monthly food menu of Enoshima Cafe
*The guide was created with the cooperation of Enoshima Island Spa.
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