Samurai meets a train on the street in Kamakura

Samurai parade of Yoshitsune Matsuri festival.
Do you want to see and meet Samurai around Enoshima and Kamakura?
There is a chance to join the Yoshitsune Matsuri festival [義経祭] that is held in the middle of the April in Koshigoe Town in Kamakura.

This festival is held around the Manpukuji Temple in Koshigoe where Minamoto no Yoshitsune [源義経 (half-brother of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder and first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate)] stayed in the Kamakura era and remember his great achievement as a excellent military commander.

About the festival

  • When: on the middle of April, 13:00-16:30 (Samurai Parade 14:00-15:00)
  • Where: Manpukuji Temple in Koshigoe, Koshigoe Shopping Street
  • Admission: Free

In the beginning

Memorial service at Manpukuji Temple.
First of the festival, a Buddhist memorial service to remember Minamoto no Yoshitsune is held at the main temple building of Manpukuji Temple in Koshigoe, in west of Kamakura around 13:00.

Samurai walking the street in 21st century

Samurais walking aside of a train.
Samurai waits for train passing.After the memorial service in the temple, people who dressed like an samurai and participating in a parade going to Ryukoji Temple in Katase (near Enoshima Station) that is the meeting place of the parade.

In the meeting point

A team of samurai join the parade.
High school students greets to a passing Enoden train.At the front of Ryukoji Temple, a team of samurai join the team of brass band club of local high schools and junior high school, Yosakoi dance team of local elementary school and more.

While waiting for the start of parade, high school students are greets and waves their hands to the passing Enoden train.

The parade of samurai

Samurais parade the street.
Around 14:00, the parade departs for Manpukuji Temple in Koshigoe, while the local high school brass band team in the lead. The line of samurai continues in the next.
The configuration of participating people in the parade such as samurai, Buddhist priest, the princess or "Miko" shrine maiden changes every year. It is interesting to see their traditional colorful costume and Japanese armor (Yoroi and Kabuto).
Samurais who wore an armor and the former of various colors and form. Back figure of samurais.
Parade of samurais and the princess. A samurai and the Buddhist priest who parade at the festival.

The parade and a train

Samurais waiting for a train passes.
Because Enoden train often passing through this Koshigoe Shopping Street in Kamakura, the parade stops and participants and sightseers make way for a train when a train approaches.
The scene that brave samurais make way for a train is really interesting and mismatch, for as if we did a time travel. It cannot see any other place on earth!!
The yosakoi dance team of local elementary school child acting as the tail of the parade, sounds Naruko (a wooden musical instrument that use on yosakoi dance) which they had in a hand whenever a train passing.
Enoden train enter into the street that like the miracle of Moses divided the sea into. A train approacing.
Children dance team greets to a train. The dance team seeing off a train.
When a train passes, the street is filled with the participants of the festival again and the parade is continue to go to Manpukuji Temple.
After arrived at the temple, some ceremonies are carried out there.
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